Modern Toilets

Close Coupled Toilets are still the most popular choice for bathrooms across the UK. With this type, the cistern sits directly above the pan and is visible. The cistern is attached to the wall and the base is attached to the floor. Although manufacturers are introducing wall-hung models, where the cistern is hidden and the toilet is only fixed to the wall, close coupled remain popular and designers from the world’s leading bathroom companies have produced some stunning designs, which transform the traditional toilet into something with real style. Toilets fitted with a dual button flush offer the best balance between practical use and saving water, and most of the products in this range have these features built-in.

You might think that there’s not a lot a designer can do to make close coupled toilets appealing, but when you look at the variety of designs available, you can see that leading industrial designers from across the world are determined to help you make your bathroom a place of peace and tranquility – and that includes the way your toilet works and the way it looks. If you’re looking for your next close coupled toilet, whether it’s for a downstairs cloakroom or a complete bathroom refurbishment, talk to us. At our online store you can find a variety of choices, ranging in size to shape, and as every bathroom layout is different from others, you can select the one based on your requirement. We can help you to find the perfect style for your home. Browse our collection and order online today or call us to find out more on 020374 41212.

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Toilets have come a long way since the old days where there was an outhouse constructed of wood concealing a dark, smelly and downright unpleasant hole in the ground. Thanks to plumbing and fine advancements in manufacturing, nowadays toilets have become very much a part of the interior design elements of our modern bathrooms.

There’s certainly no shortage of choice if you’re looking for a perfect toilet for your home. From the elongated to the circular or square style, you can choose from the latest contemporary designs as well as those that look back to period style. Today’s manufacturers ensure that these toilets are straightforward to install and maintain, so you can be sure that whatever style you choose, your new bathroom will look beautiful for many years to come.

The humble toilet might not be the glamorous star of your bathroom suite, but it nobody can deny its central importance. The right one also adds a lot to the style of the room, so it’s worth taking your time to consider the options. A model that looks great in a smart, contemporary bathroom will be out of place in a period house and vice versa. Once you start shopping, you’ll be amazed at just how much they vary. There’s more to toilets than you might think!

There are several major types available in the UK, and the distinguishing features of each are often a mystery to shoppers. We’ve put together this handy field guide to help you find your way through the thicket of toilets on the market.

Close Coupled

This is the most popular type of version in the UK, and its simple, basic design blends in with most decor choices. These tend to be the most affordable choice, as well. There are two main parts to a close coupled, the pan (also known as the bowl) and the cistern. The cistern sits right above the pan, with no visible pipes, and usually features a push-button or lever handle flush. If you’re outfitting a cloakroom or especially small bathroom, consider installing a compact toilet. This version of the close coupled toilet has a trimmer profile and takes up a lot less space!

Wall Hung

Also known as wall mounted, these toilets have their cistern hidden inside the wall. The pan is suspended from a strong, sturdy frame. It’s a great use of space, looks clean and modern, and is a snap to clean. These toilets can be hung from just about any wall, even a stud wall, if the reinforcement and installation is right. They can generally support up to 200kg, so if you’re worried about it falling off the wall when someone takes a seat, don’t be.

Back to Wall

Like the wall hung, the back to wall model sits flush with the wall, and the cistern is concealed. These toilets stand on the floor, which means they’re simpler (and often less expensive) to install, giving you a similar, smart contemporary look at a lower price point.

Traditional Style

The traditional style toilet is a little old-fashioned, so it fits right into vintage or period homes. In a traditional model, the cistern and the pan are two separate pieces, connected by a pipe. These come in low and high varieties, and may feature a chain flush.

Accessories and extras

You can customise your bathroom with all kinds of details and accessories. Sometimes just replacing a toilet seat or cistern is enough to give the space a fresh new look. Choose an elegant bidet for luxury and hygiene, or install an eco-friendly urinal to save water. Here at Bathrooms365 we stock a full range of toilets and everything you need to create the bathroom of your dreams. If you have any questions about choosing the right one for your space, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We have over 30 years experience and would be delighted to offer you some friendly advice.