Thinking about installing a back-to-wall or wall-hung toilet? These modern toilet choices have some special installation requirements, but the most important is a WC frame--they just won’t work without one! A WC frame is your secret space-saving ally when you’re installing a space-saving toilet with a concealed cistern.

We have an excellent selection of top-quality WC frames, sourced from the very best suppliers. Available in a range of cistern sizes, there’s a WC frame to fit almost any bathroom. With more than 30 years of experience helping our customers create their ideal bathrooms, we have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice.


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Being able to hide all the plumbing that goes along with a toilet is a great option when you’re short on space, or even if you just crave a sleek, modern look in your bathroom. The installation of a separate cistern (hung behind the wall) is the answer.

If you’re just installing a back-to-wall toilet which will be supporting its own weight, a WC frame isn’t strictly necessary. However, a wall-hung toilet requires a specialised frame in order to stay safe. All of this hidden hardware is a must to keep the toilet where it belongs. Without a WC frame, sitting on a wall-hung toilet could bring the whole wall down! With a properly installed frame, your wall-hung toilet will be able to hold up to 400kg.

Proper installation is key, so you may wish to consult a professional before attempting to build in a WC frame yourself: this is advanced DIY. Mistakes can be costly and can lead to problems ranging from leaks and loosening toilet pans all the way up to serious safety issues. If in doubt, check with a builder.