Whether you are getting a whole new bathroom or seeking to refurbish an old suite, choosing the right taps can be the key to creating the right ambience in the room. Bathrooms 365 stocks a variety of over 100 bath taps catering for a wide range of choices and budget. If you enjoy a long, leisurely soak in the bath, you may choose beautifully crafted modern taps which look more like a work of art than a functional piece of plumbing. If you prefer a traditional look, we have the range to give your bathroom that classic feel.

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Gone are the days when all taps had a cross-shaped handle you twist to turn on. There are all kinds of different levers and handles available which you push, turn or lift. For most people the choice is cosmetic, but if you have problems with dexterity, you may find some taps easier to use than others. With so many styles available at Bathrooms 365 there is bound to be one that feels right for you.


Most bath taps are mounted on the edge of your bathtub. You need to ensure that the ones you choose are compatible with the holes for mounting on your chosen bath. These are usually at the end of the bath but maybe at the side according to your preference. Bathrooms 365 have bath faucets suitable for all tubs as well as some other options you may like to consider. For a retro look, freestanding, standpipe style would complement a roll topped bath. If you would like a more modern bathroom experience, wall mounted versions may be appropriate and would give your bathroom a sleek and stylish look.

Mixer or Pillar taps?

All taps have a hot and cold flow, but some mix the flows within the body itself so the water comes out at the temperature you have selected. One of the benefits of mixer taps is that you do not need to have the flow coming purely from the hot tap making it safer for young children. Pillar taps give a separate hot and cold flow enabling hot and cold to be run separately if desired.