Like all furniture units inside the bathroom or rest of the home, the Back to Wall WC Unit performs the dual function of beautification and offering additional space for use. These furniture units are a clever way to improve the appearance of the bathroom. This is because the furniture conceals the cistern and pipework which otherwise mars the look of a well-finished interior and only the flush button or handle mechanism is visible on the outside. Generally, the cistern is sold separately, is hidden behind the unit, thereby, being less prone to wear and tear. The furniture is in direct contact with the toilet pan and is matched with the rest of the furniture in the bathroom.

Bathrooms 365 bring you an impressive range of Back to Wall WC Units to merge with your bathroom furniture or basin vanity units. Sleek, minimal, modern and functional, these are made from high quality materials and offer incredible durability. We supply our toilet units fully assembled and in range of sizes and finishes that make installations a breeze. Some of our products are made with compact bathrooms in mind and will effortlessly fit in while our luxurious larger ones are sheer indulgence for your larger wash areas.

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Back to Wall units are the latest, smarter versions of the traditional toilets. Supplied rigid for easy installation, most of these units have easy access to the cistern in case any repairs are required. They take away the hassle of carpentry work and reduce costs. Also, no need of breaking or redoing either the wall or floor tiles and, therefore, are easy on the pocket.

Some of these units are universal while some are compatible with only certain toilet pans depending on design and size. Simple to install, you can complete the fixing yourself if you have undertaken similar projects or contact your plumber for a thorough job. Get a stylish, sophisticated bathroom today with these attractive furniture pieces.

Which Materials to Select?

The first choice of material for these WC Units is MDF or Medium-density fibreboard. For those looking for a more warm and classic feel, it is Wood. MDF is lightweight and durable and gives you good value for money and is much cheaper than conventional wood. It is also easy to clean and maintain without using abrasive materials. We guide you on the best upkeep of your furniture following your purchase. White is common in MDF, but it is easy to paint in the colour of your choice for a more desired look.

Wood, as we know, is costly but certainly more solid than MDF. Much preferred in traditional style homes, brings warmth and long term durability. Polished with a protective finish, they offer resistance to dampness and damage. It is entirely your choice which material to finalise.