At its simplest, a bathroom suite is a matching collection of fixtures for your bathroom, including a sink, pedestal, toilet, and bath. But that’s only the beginning. There are hundreds of different styles to choose from, and some suits may include more pieces, such as shower enclosures, bidets, mirrors and storage furniture.

Finding just the right bathroom suite for your home can be stressful. The sheer amount and variety of suites available is boggling, and it’s not always easy to be sure that you’re getting good quality or good value. For more than 30 years here at Bathrooms365, we’ve been matchmaking homeowners with their dream bathrooms, and we can do the same for you. We’re friendly, responsive, and full of good advice, and we’ve made it our mission to bring you the best bathroom suites from around the world at exceptionally low prices.


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Refitting a bathroom is a wonderful way to improve your quality of life and increase the value of your home. Nothing freshens up a house like a new bathroom, but it can be a major investment. Planning is exciting and can save you from costly missteps. A measuring tape, some graph paper, a pencil and your imagination will go a long way towards helping you find the ideal bathroom suite.

Things to consider before purchasing a bathroom suite

Budget: is the first thing on most people’s minds when they are looking for a bathroom suite. Have a clear idea of what you can spend, and don’t forget to factor in any accessories, hardware and fittings that may not be included, as well as possible installation costs.

Style: comes a close second, and for some members of the family it may be the driving force! This is the fun part, dreaming up your ideal retreat and then finding the fixtures to make it a reality. Your suite will determine the overall character of your bathroom. Are you looking for a modern, sophisticated look with clean lines and lots of chrome, or would you prefer vintage style brass fittings, gentle curves, and traditional touches?

Space: is another important consideration, and since it’s rarely negotiable, you could argue that it’s the most important factor. At the end of the day, it will control what’s possible. The amount of floorspace, the existing plumbing, and architectural features such as windows and closets need to be taken into account when you’re deciding what should go where. If you’re concerned about fitting a small or awkwardly shaped room, don’t be! There’s a suite for every bathroom, and we’re always happy to help!

Do you need a professional to fit a bathroom suite?

It is possible to make the installation of a bathroom suite a DIY project, but with all the time and materials required, it may end up being worth your while to hire professionals plumbers and fitters to do the job quickly, especially if it’s the only bathroom in the house! If you do have the skillset, the tools, and the time, fitting your own bathroom suite is an amazing way to save a lot of money on your bathroom remodel. As a keen DIY enthusiast, you’ll find a wealth of planning tools, step-by-step guides, instructions, information and videos online to guide you through the process. It gives you the flexibility to change your mind when you need to without arguments, and taking the work in stages will help you keep close tabs on the cost. You’ll need to be aware of building regulations and safety concerns, such as grounding.

If you’ve chosen a fairly standard suite, you may be able to manage everything yourself, but things get more complicated once you start choosing specialist fittings: heavy tiles, whirlpool baths and the like can be tricky for first-time bathroom fitters. It’s also possible to get the best of both worlds: do some of the simple work yourself, while saving the more complex or difficult jobs for plumbers, tilers, and plasterers. Removing the old suite, sanitaryware, and fixtures yourself, as well as any unwanted tile, lino, etc, before the professionals arrive isn’t hard and will help you trim down the bill.