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When you close your eyes to imagine your ideal bathtub, what do you see? Is it a generous jacuzzi or whirlpool with room to lounge, variable jets for massage, and a spot to place some scented candles? Are you thinking of a majestic claw-foot bath with period fixtures, deep enough to sink down up to your chin in scented water? Maybe you’re bathing children every night and need a bath that’s easy on your back as you bend down to scrub behind little ears. Perhaps climbing into the bath isn’t as easy as it once was, and you’re dreaming of a bath that allows you to gracefully step down into the suds.  With so many choices available, picking the right one requires a bit of know how.

Soaking in Style - Which Type of Bath?

We’ve come a long way since the days of scrubbing in a tin basin in front of the fire. In today’s bathroom, the bathtub takes pride of place. It’s often the main design feature, so looks come in a close second to function. The style you chose for your bath will do more to determine the character of your bathroom’s interior design than any other single fixture. Do you want something for a quick utilitarian dip or for regular luxurious soaking? Will you want a shower included? Your budget, the size of the room, the existing layout (and how much you’re willing to change) will be the most practical considerations. After that, it’s really matter of personal taste These are the types of bath you’re most likely to come across while you shop:

Acrylic Bath - Also Known as Straight Bath and Standard Baths

These rectangular baths are the most common type of bath. There are several varieties, including the 3-Wall Alcove Shower Bath which is a sensible choice, especially for smaller rooms where maximizing space is a priority. With a wall-mounted shower, it’s an all-in one solution for family bathing. The ends are unfinished and are usually hidden in between exterior walls and storage closets or cabinets.

Corner Bath

Similar to the 3 Wall Alcove, but as you might expect, in set into a corner with walls on two sides and a finished edge at one end. In standard rectangular shapes, these baths usually also incorporate a shower. You can also find much larger square or even octagonal corner baths, which are popular as jacuzzis and for dual bathing.

Double Ended Bath

A double ended bath has the plumbing and fixtures (taps, etc) positioned in the middle of the bath. This gives you the option to recline at either end without having to worry about plumbing digging into your back

Rolltop Baths, also known as Cast-Iron or Freestanding Baths

Usually the most eye-catching type of bath, a freestanding bath is a strong design feature which often takes pride of place in the middle of the room. Clawfoot baths are the most familiar version of this style. These iconic baths are often considered the last word in vintage styling, and are wonderfully deep. Some, in the “slipper” style, offer a high back to facilitate lounging with your head and neck fully supported. It’s also possible to find freestanding baths in sleek contemporary styles, with sculpted bathing bowls perched on a base or suspended in a cradle. These are high-end options, but the investment will leave you with a show-stopper piece.

Inset Bath

These baths include the bath only and are intended to fit into a pre-built enclosure. The frame is finished to match the other bathroom fixtures, such as tile or cabinets. Some inset baths are designed to be installed at floor level, so that you step down into the bath. The lip of the bath will be concealed by flooring. While the drop-in bath looks less expensive at first glance, remember that the cost of the enclosure is not included and can vary widely.

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When it comes to customer service, we strive for excellence. With over 30 years' experience in, we can offer you knowledge and expertise like no other company can. We know just how difficult it is to choose the right supplier for your bathroom remodeling requirement, so we make sure that we can give you more than just beautiful baths – we look after your needs from start to finish, with all the advice you need to create a perfect bathroom

Walk-in Baths, also known as Disabled Baths

Designed especially to make life easier on anyone with mobility challenges, these specialist baths allow independent bathing for those who might struggle climbing in and out of a bath. They have a sealable door and commonly use special features such as a seat and quick fill/quick drain systems.

Understanding bath materials

Once you know the style you’re looking for, the next consideration is what the bath should be made from. For many, budget will be the first factor, then aesthetic and ease of maintenance, but there’s another thing to consider: heat retention. Some materials are just better and keeping your bath comfortably warm for longer. If you like to linger, that’s something worth thinking about.  Here are the most common materials used to build baths:


When used in baths, fibreglass-reinforced plastic (or FRP) is great for several reasons: it’s easy to create different shapes, it’s lightweight, easy to install, and is typically the least expensive option. On the downside, they are not particularly sturdy-feeling or durable. The finish may fade, crack or scratch with heavy use, though repairs and refinishing on FBR is not difficult.  


Acrylic baths begin as fibreglass sheets covered with vacuum-formed acrylic. They share all the same advantages of a fibreglass bath, and are available in a huge range of colours, finishes, sizes and shapes. They may be slightly more expensive, but are a good all-around bath.

Porcelain on steel/enameled steel

These baths are stamped and shaped from a sheet of thin steel and coated with porcelain enamel. Sturdy, good-looking, hard-wearing and very easy to clean, this material is also affordable. They are much heavier than a fibreglass or acrylic bath, and your choice of shape and size is fairly limited. The finish can chip and then rust if it suffers a blow.

Cast iron

A cast iron bath is pretty close to immortal: made of molten iron that has been poured into a mold. The resulting bath is then finished with a thick layer of enamel. These baths retain heat beautifully, and are considered top-of-the-line. The downsides are the sheer weight and unwieldiness of such a giant piece of iron. Your bathroom floor may need to be reinforced before one can be installed, and you will also require extra labor for the installation. Price is also a factor: cast-iron baths are generally very expensive, but they will last for generations.

What About a Bath Waste Kit?

When installing a new bathtub, don’t forget the finishing touches. Chances are you have your eye on the perfect taps and spout, but there are other details to consider. The bath waste kit is an important piece of the puzzle. This is the plumbing which gives the water somewhere to go when it’s time to drain the bath. It has several main components: the overflow is a small hole higher up in the bath which automatically drains excess water once it reaches a certain level. The drain is the hole in the bottom of the bath which is plugged up during the bath and unplugged to let the water flow out. The pipe which carries away the water is generally concealed behind the bath, except in some freestanding baths, where it may become an exposed decorative feature. There are several common styles to consider:

Bath Plug and Chain Waste/Retainer Bath Wastes

This is a traditional style, where the bath plug is connected by a chain: you simply pull the plug and the water runs away. A retainer plug and chain waste means there’s a recess in the overflow where you can store the plug when it is not in use. It’s a great vintage look.

Pop Up Waste

This style features a dial right above the overflow hole which is turned to open or close the bath plug through the action of a lever. It has the added bonus of allowing you to adjust the water level without putting your hand into the water. This is a more contemporary choice, available in a range of finishes.

Click Clack/Sprung/Push Button Waste

Another modern style, these wastes have a simple mechanism. Simply push on the plug to seal the drain, and then when your bath is finished, push again and the plug will spring up.

The right bath will give you and your family years of functionality, pleasure, fun and relaxation. Your bathtub should be a haven: a place where you can retreat after a long day to relax and escape the pressures of the world. There’s a lot to think about while shopping for a new bathroom, but there’s no reason for stress. With the right education, choosing your new bath can be a joy. If you have any questions about designing, installing, or outfitting your new bathroom, our friendly experts are always here to help.

Why Select Us?

When it comes to customer service, we strive for excellence. With over 30 years' experience in, we can offer you knowledge and expertise like no other company can. We know just how difficult it is to choose the right supplier for your bathroom remodeling requirement, so we make sure that we can give you more than just beautiful baths – we look after your needs from start to finish, with all the advice you need to create a perfect bathroom