Bib Taps

Bib taps are classical-looking fixtures that have a curved nozzle at the end of their spout. They are often used outdoors for attaching to hoses due to their curved end, but they are also popular in bathrooms. Made of materials such as brass and chrome, there is a lot of choices when wanting to integrate these type of taps into your bathroom. It’s possible to mount them on walls, attach them to basins and extend them using up stands. Commonly, these types were used in utility rooms and outside for gardening, as well as in bathrooms and are starting to make a comeback. If you’re looking for the perfect Bib Tap, look no further. Here at Bathrooms 365 we offer over 50 unique choices so you can find the perfect product to suit your style and requirements.

We can assist you in finding the perfect tap. With a choice of over 20 products, we cater to a range of styles, specifications and budgets. Whether you require single or double taps, we sell them as well as options that can be attached to walls or with a pipe coming from ground. Taps are one of the most important features for gardenint, not only aesthetically but also functionally. This is why we think it’s important to provide you with a wide selection to choose from, ensuring you have a great chance of finding the perfect bib tap.