Shower Baths

The combined shower bath is an incredibly versatile addition to any bathroom. A separate shower enclosure and freestanding bath are brilliant if you have the room to work with, but it’s not a possibility in every home. When space is at a premium but you can’t do without a bathtub, a shower bath is the perfect solution. You can hop in for a quick rinse before work or after the gym, let the kids splash in the bath after dinner, and even scrub the dog on the weekend. When you’re deciding which bathing fixtures will best suit your home and family, here are a few things to keep in mind. Keep it stylish and save space when you choose shower baths. A bathroom needs to be flexible, giving everyone in your home the bathing and showering options they want. If space is a problem, or you need to keep costs down – of if you’re just looking for a neat solution, shower baths are the perfect answer.

We offer a tremendous range of shower baths in all shapes, sizes and finishes, with over 30 models to choose from. This exceptional selection means you can find the best one for your bathroom and won’t have to settle for anything less than perfection. We have over 30 years experience and we understand everything that goes into designing and fitting your dream bathroom. Our team of experts are always happy to advise you on every detail, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions.


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Shower V/S Shower Baths

If you’re not inclined to soak in a bath on a regular basis and you don’t have any little ones to wash, a shower on its own may be enough for you. It takes up the least space, and can be endlessly customised to your preference. Shower enclosures are also good for water and moisture management in the bathroom: you use less water, the water is less likely to splash out onto the floor, and the enclosure keeps most of the steam from escaping out into the rest of the bathroom.

On the other hand, having no bath at all limits your options and may affect the resale value of your home in the future. With a shower bath, you can take advantage of the speed, convenience, and water conservation benefits of a shower, while still having the advantages of a bath whenever you like. With the right choice of shower screens, curtains and mats, you can also minimise the splash and steam effects.

While it’s possible to simply install a shower over a regular rectangular straight bath and call it a shower bath, this has its disadvantages. A regular bath, designed for reclining, is generally narrow, and doesn’t give a lot of space to maneuver when standing up. For a truly relaxing shower, you want room for your elbows to make shampooing and other shower tasks easier. That’s where the true shower bath shines. There are two basic shapes available for shower baths:

P Shape

These shower baths feature a gently rounded space at the shower end, resulting in a profile which resembles the letter P. This sleek curve is visually pleasing and very comfortable while bathing

L Shape

As you might expect, these shower baths have straight angles in the shower area, creating an L shape. With a sharp square profile, the look is very modern, and fits easily into smaller bathrooms

As stated above, the shower over the bath is the original bathroom space-saving device and as more of us shower each day than have a bath, it makes perfect sense to invest in a quality shower system as well as a modern bath. Where space or budget restricts you, however, having a separate bath and shower may be impossible. Shower baths have come a long way since the original wall-mounted shower and shower curtain, and you can now choose from shower baths that have a range of fantastic designs and options:

Design – shower baths are designed to make both showering and bathing a comfortable and easy experience. That’s why many of the options available are wide at one end than the other – often with a curved side – to allow room to move in the shower without compromising the comfort of the bath. Sculpted interiors help to make a design mark.

Size – As they come in more than just the standard size, and as manufacturers and designers understand that there is real demand in today’s bathrooms for flexibility. So whatever size fitted you want, you should be able to find a shower bath design option.

Screens – shower baths are contemporary pieces of furniture and so most people install them with a dedicated bath screen. This is designed to fit the showering end of the bath exactly, preventing water from leaving the showering area. More hygienic and more attractive than the shower curtain, screens can help to bring additional style to your room.

Which One Would be Ideal for Bathroom?

Choosing bathroom fixtures is a very personal decision, and many factors come into play. Budget, interior design preferences, and your family’s specific needs will all need to be considered. The square footage and layout of your bathroom will have a lot to do with which works best for you: both P and L shapes are available in different sizes and right- and left-handed versions to allow the shower bath to fit into your room like a puzzle piece

We are always looking for ways to improve our range and to make them more attractive to customers. Shower baths where the side of the bath is lower at the showering end, enabling people to walk straight in is one of the latest developments, but you can be sure that manufacturers are researching how your shower bath could be even better.