We at Bathrooms 365 stock modern and traditional products and have more than 100 hundred choices in our range of basin mixers. Within this range, we will help you find the tap that is right for you, that matches your bathroom and works with it, and works with your home as a whole. These are the obvious choice when it comes to new features in a brand new bathroom, or replacing features in a bathroom in need of a stylish refurbishment. We are here to help you every step of the way - from selecting the tap that feels right for you, to ensuring the final installed product works like a dream.

This is where we can help. Always a better choice, we have the specialist skills required to help find the mixer tap that is right for your basin. We offer the best service possible - handling: the measuring, the designing, the plumbing, the installation, and the fitting. We offer our expertise even for the smallest of elements for your requirement, so you can be rest assured, about your bathroom purchase.

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As the world of plumbing has evolved and changed over time, the age of separate taps for hot water and cold water has come and gone. Basin mixers are - essentially - two taps in one. One spout allows for water of all temperatures to flow out into your basin.

The use of a single spout for both hot and cold water allows for easier temperature control than when using two - making it much safer for the vulnerable, such as children and the elderly. Such a feature also allows for a far more elegant appearance - looking stylish and modern with a smoother, more streamlined flow. A mixer also frees up more space on the limited surface of a basin and makes cleaning and maintaining it easier.

When it comes to purchasing, these faucets are the more economic choice, as the quality of the product far outshines anything that has come before it - with the amount of water less than that coming from two individual taps. They vary widely in size and shape - making it easier to find one that best suits your basin and, essentially, your home. Given the wide range to choose from, it may be difficult to select a basin mixer tap on your own.