The luxury of a bidet can soon come to feel like a necessity, once you’ve spent a bit one time with one in your bathroom. If you have room, they can add so much to your washroom experience. There’s more to a great bidet installation than just the basin, however. Here’s everything you need to know about bidets and bidet mixer taps.

With more than 100 choices in this range, you know you’re never going to need to settle for second best. If you’re overwhelmed with options, just get in touch! We’d be delighted to walk you through our collection to help you find the best bidet mixer tap for your needs. Our 30 years of experience in the world of bathroom design and outfitting has made us experts in all those little details which make such a difference, and we’re always happy to share what we’ve learned.


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To put it simply, a bidet is just a low-slung sink. With the use of gentle jets of water (and sometimes air) a bidet makes it easy to cleanse intimate areas after using the toilet. The spa-like nature of a bidet makes it a welcome addition to almost any space and it can also be used to wash feet or any other part of the body. While it is often associated with a toilet, the bidet has more in common with a bathtub. It is a wonderful option for anyone, but especially for those who may struggle with mobility. A bidet can be a great tool to help maintain independence and hygiene for the elderly or the disabled. There’s less chance of slipping or falling than in a bathtub or shower, and the stability of a fixture is much appreciated.

Bidets come in an astonishing array of shapes and sizes, so it’s not difficult to find one to suit every style of bathroom, from modern and minimalist to grand and traditional. Once you’ve chosen your ideal bidet, you’ll need to consider the associated accessories; particularly (and most importantly) the bidet mixer taps.

What are bidet mixer taps?

As you might imagine, getting the water temperature just right is crucial when bathing sensitive areas, and a bidet mixer tap helps you achieve the perfect balance of hot and cold water. The best version is responsive and easy to use, allowing you to adjust the temperature with a touch. These taps are available in many styles, so you can choose the aesthetic which best matches your decor.