Hinged Enclosures

Cubicles & Enclosures have seen a few innovations over the past decade, such as the wetroom, steam cabins, but, for the most part, their design and function has pretty much stayed the same. Recently, however, new designs have emerged, called pivot shower doors. The difference between this and a regular side hinge door is that the pivot hinge is secured top to bottom, which allows the door to spin while remaining in place. Pivot doors are more functional because they can accommodate corner showers and are available in sizes from 36 to 48 inches, making them extremely versatile.

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Some of the advantages of pivot shower doors are: a reduction in the cost of glass fabrication; also, all the weight of pivot doors are carried at the base, creating a floor that is very structurally sound. They are suitable for corner alcoves or larger openings, making them a safer choice for people with mobility issues. They come in two different thicknesses: one-half- inch or three-eights-inch. The thicker one-half -inch glass has a more substantial look and comes in three different types: clear, which has a slightly greenish tinge typical of most glass; frosted, which can be either acid-etched or sandblasted. Acid etching is cost-effective and gives a more realistic effect while sandblasting is accomplished with a machine that pelts the glass with sand or other similar particles. Third is low-iron, a relatively new method of removing iron particles from glass, which gives the most transparent appearance. Using low-iron glass in your shower gives your bathroom a light, ethereal spa-like feel.

The slightly thinner three-eights- inch glass is more affordable and comes in a few more styles. In addition to the clear, frosted, and low-iron options, it is also available tinted (similar to tinted automobile windows) in shades such as grey and bronze. There are a few different acid-etched styles available: Strom and Krystal Rain, which produce creative striations within the glass.