Small Vanity Units

A small vanity unit can be a lifesaver in close quarters. If you’re furnishing a cloakroom or other tight space, a compact vanity unit is the perfect choice to solve several challenges at once. Most small bathrooms are short on storage space, so using a vanity instead of a pedestal sink give you a place to keep all your bathroom accessories at hand but out of sight. Once you’ve measured carefully and decided on the style of unit you’d like, there are a few key features you should keep in mind while you shop.

From traditional styles and designs that invoke the essence of traditional bathroom furnishings; classic styles that add elegance and timeless appeal; to stunningly modern contemporary collections, that are eye-catching and impressive. All our small vanity units have been specifically chosen for their strength of design, excellent quality, and keen pricing. At Bathrooms 365 we only stock the best. The design you choose will be decided by the space available, and by your own personal choices and desires. Handles, shelving, taps and mountings, unit colours, sink styles, all make a difference. Together they will make the chosen small vanity unit your very own bathroom design masterpiece. Shopping for bathroom furniture can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. If you find yourself with questions about how to pick the best compact vanity for your bathroom, just get in touch with the friendly experts here at online store. We’re always happy to offer advice, and with 30 years in the business, we’ll be able to point you in the right direction.

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The units come in various depths as well as widths. The sink can be semi-recessed and project over the front of the unit, so you can have a full sized sink on a slim depth unit. And all can be coordinated with other parts of our vast bathroom range to give a fitted bathroom feel.

For an uncomplicated style a combination of toilet, shower/bath and vanity unit gives a simple, straightforward, and apparently effortless design choice. The alternatives go on and on, the first one will be whether to have a floor mounted or a wall mounted unit. When space is particularly limited then wall mounted is the obvious solution. And fixing on a wall also makes a bold statement, it becomes a focal centerpiece to the room, with these units seeming bolder, and more contemporary. Many love the clean lines of the suspended units and enjoy being able to both see, and reach, below the unit

The lovers of classic styling and retro designs feel a yearning for the floor based versions, appearing more solidly rooted, with more storage, and a design gravitas some consider missing from the wall mounted small vanity units

Quality materials: Just because a vanity is small doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful and durable. Obviously, water-resistant finishes are important on the countertop. Check that the unit is properly sealed and lacquered.

Door orientation: Pay careful attention to how any door and drawers open. Even if the piece theoretically fits in your room, you could run into trouble if the cabinet door is awkward once opened.

Storage: What do you need to keep in the bathroom, and will it fit in your compact space? While you’re probably keeping the contents to a minimum, it’s helpful to have a place to keep extra toilet tissue, basic cleaning supplies, and the like. Shelves and drawers are a handy addition.

Countertop and basin: Compact vanities may be sold with or without. All-in-one varieties are the easiest to install, but if you’re looking for a special or custom design, you might be better off mixing and matching

Hardware: Will the drawer pulls and handles stand up to the rigors of heavy use? Can you swap them out for something different if you change your mind at a later date? Remember, most bathroom vanities are sold without taps or waste, so make sure that the one you choose will work with your desired hardware.

Our range of washroom and cloakroom vanity units is exemplary in its style, function and range. It offers a design solution for any cloakroom, bathroom or en-suite. Remember, everyone uses the hand-basin so it is the vanity unit that will make or break the impression this space gives the visitor.