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Bathroom Taps at Bathrooms365

If you need stylish, contemporary, designer bathroom taps then look no further. You have come to the right place for the most extensive collection in premium taps at an affordable price. New ranges are added regularly so you will always find the latest style at our on-line store. Whether you are moving to a new house, or renovating your current house, we offer products that will wow you, and the guests who visit your home. We believe in luxury for less. We have one of the biggest online collections so you can browse away at your convenience. At Bathrooms365, we seek out the most exclusive collections from around the world, and bring it to you at affordable prices.

Are you ready to give your bathroom the perfect finishing touch with a set of beautiful new taps but not sure how to go about ordering them? Here is the complete guide to order a tap so you're not left wondering what to do next!

Choose Your Design

Knowing the overall look and feel that you're aiming to create in your bathroom we can help you narrow down the designs to choose from. Along with the visual appeal of the taps you should also consider specifications to ensure they meet the needs of your bathroom. For example, it's no use ordering a tap that is suited to high pressure systems if you have low pressure.

Measurements are another thing to take into consideration, as is where the taps are to be installed. Ordering a freestanding tap is useless if you need to mount your tap to the basin itself. Jot down the basic specifications you need and then match those needs back to the tap designs you're leaning towards. If you've only viewed the taps online it would be worth a trip into a store to see them up close to be sure they're what you want. You can also visit us at our showroom in Leicester. If that isn't possible then the good work you put in to choosing a reputable supplier like us will mean you can simply exchange the tap for something else if the ones you decide on prove unsuitable. Make your final decision and prepare to place your order.

Place Your Order

When placing your order, with us be by phone, internet, email, or fax be sure you order the right quantity you need and any additional accessories such as matching shower heads, and items such as toothbrush holders, towel rails and rings. Many tap designs are part of a whole suite of items which means you will achieve a beautifully coordinated look in your bathroom if you stick to the one style.

No matter what you're purchasing these days it's important to select reputable sources to buy from. You can trust us, when it comes to select the right tap, We have over 30 years experience in delivering excellence. We always put you, our customer, first and ensure that you have a pleasurable and hassle-free shopping experience. When it comes to taps you want to be sure you are investing in quality products that will perform their function perfectly. We offer guarantees on our products as well as offer generous return and exchange policies not to mention great prices

Pay careful attention to the colour you order as well as the quantity. Once your order is placed take down your order number and bring out the order receipt we provide you.