Bath Panels

So you’ve bought a new bath and you’re anxious to install it and get soaking in your bath...not so fast. Unless you’ve bought a freestanding bath, there’s something else to consider: bath panels. Generally used to enclose an acrylic or steel bath, (and hide all the unsightly plumbing) bath panels will do a lot to determine the overall look of the bathroom. It’s not just a matter of aesthetics, however. The enclosure and bath panels you choose will also add durability and insulation to your bath. So you do you pick the right bath panels for your house?

With over 30 years experience, we know everything that goes into creating the bathroom of your dreams. We have curated our selection of products to represent the best quality and value on the market, with a vast range of design options. If you have any questions on selecting or fitting bath panels, please get in touch with one of our friendly experts!