We deliver using the services of reliable and speedy carriers, to UK Mainland, Scotland and Ireland. You can track the progress of your delivery with the help of a tracking number that will be given to you for every purchase made. Simply log in to the site, enter the tracking reference number and stay up-to-date on your shipment’s progress. Some of our suppliers may deliver directly and hence, in such cases, we do not provide a tracking number, but we will let you know the projected delivery date.

All goods will be delivered on normal working days with the exception of public holidays. We quote delivery times based on goods leaving our warehouse, and NOT from the time you place your order. We also offer express delivery service that will be scheduled for the Next Day.


Express Next day deliveries are available at Bathroom 365. If you wish to avail this facility then, please call us at 020374 41212 or email your request on We would like you to note that Shipping Charges to Scotland and Ireland will attract an additional charge and may be different from those mentioned at the time of purchase.


(Delivery by Yodel, DPD, Fedex & Interlink) For easy tracking of your deliveries online, we will e-mail you the consignment number and carrier details.


(Delivery by Pallex) For Products with bigger dimensions, the transport company will directly contact you through email/telephone with the consignment details to arrange a suitable time for delivery.


We expect personal presence at the delivery address until 7:00 pm on day of delivery, since the carriers we use, require a signature to validate and complete the delivery process. We like to make you aware that the carrier company drivers will not carry heavy loads on their own. They will need to see necessary identification before handing over the goods, to ensure safety of your product and also protect us from Credit Card frauds.


We realise that every individual has different needs, and there isn't any one delivery service perfect for everyone. To meet these different requirements, we offer a whole range of delivery options to try and fit in with your circumstances.


Before ordering, please fill out your contact details in your profile. This will facilitate our staff to contact you, either via email or telephone, after you have placed your order. We dispatch your product in 2 days to the carrier company, who inturn will call you and fix the time of delivery and would deliver ordered goods.

* It takes 3-4 days to get goods delivered. For Special orders, customers have to wait 6-7 days to get goods delivered.

All delivery times are estimates only, and some products may take longer due to circumstances beyond our control. Our call centre will contact you with expected delivery days upon receipt of your order. Some products may also be delayed due to shortages from the manufacturers. Our staff will keep you updated in case of such delays.