Utopia Furniture Group is a leading manufacturer of bathroom products and solutions. Located in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, the company has years of experience in crafting the best bathroom products, suitable for every type of home and bathroom. The company offers complete bathrooms sets as well as bathroom suites, furniture, worktops, mirrors and accessories.

The designs are world class, and the raw material is top quality giving you finished products that are something you can only be proud of. Their furniture range spells style, modernity, and superior quality having been entirely made in the UK itself. A testimony to the superb make of every product of this brand is the comprehensive guarantee that comes with each one. In these 25 years, the brand has acquired a reliable and extensive network of retailers for the UK and Ireland.

Also, there’s no need to go looking for accessories to complement or complete products. The furniture is sturdy, beautifully designed and made to suit UK homes, thanks to the company’s familiarity and experience with designs for British homes and sensibilities.