When decorating your new home and, in particular, the bathroom a lot of thought needs to go into every aspect of this process. A redesigning project also requires the same organized approached as the requirement is to make this space in your home as functional and decorative as possible. From the bathtub to a basin tap at the sink, everything needs to be well co-ordinated, so the space has a uniform look. Similarly, when selecting a towel rail or radiator, the choices are so many that you have to wade through the confusion and make a decision. You have to decide between central heating or dual fuel towel rails and electric ones, depending on your requirements.

At Bathrooms 365, we stock a range of elegant and sturdy towel rails from leading manufacturers. Bring in wholesome warmth with these products along with style and practicality. Help and guidance are simply a call away—use this opportunity now!

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Towel Rails are heating appliances designed to heat towels before using them. Initially, these were only found in European hotels but are now a common feature within domestic set-ups across Europe.

Materials Used to Manufacture?

Towel dryers/Rails are usually made of metals like steel, stainless steel, or aluminum and occasionally brass or copper, as these are quick heating and efficient. They feature attractive finishes such as chrome plating, polished steel or lacquer. A Towel Rail with high heat output can also serve as a radiator in a smaller space.

Which towel rail to select?

There are basically two types of towel rails in terms of functionality. Electric and Dual Fuel. Electric towel rails run on electricity and work independently while dual fuel ones work with your central heating system when it is on or independently when required. Dual fuel models are a good choice during the winter months as the central heating is already in use so you can save on your utility bills and still use the towel rail.

Based on external attributes, Towel Rails may be curved, straight or coloured.


They come with a gently curved shape that offers increased stability and efficiency. With this invaluable gadget installed in your home, you don’t have to worry about damp towels any more. Crafted from the most durable materials, curved models are available in many different finishes, sizes and colours as well as offer great quality and durability.


Straight models come with minimalistic, ladder-like structures with horizontal bars. Besides efficiently heating up your space, they can be used effectively to beautify a wall with ease. Straight towel rails do not take up too much space and can still give you a load of warm towels. Bathrooms365 offer a multitude of these appliances in chrome, white, black and steel finishes.


Coloured Towel Rails afford you the luxury of being enveloped in a soft, warm towel when its cold and frosty outside. When this luxury comes in desired colours that are fun and attractive, the value of the offering improves instantly. Our large selection of stunning towel rails in an array of popular colours gives you ample opportunity to express your personal style in your bathroom set-up. If you prefer a particular colour, then these can also be custom made for you in the desired colours.

Other Finishes

Although not essential, finish and colour is still an important aspect to consider when purchasing a towel rail so you can mix and match or complement the rest of the interior. You can find chrome towel rails, stainless steel and White models and also rails in a rainbow of colours. A heated towel rail with a thermostat is an automatically controlled model, consider installing one if there are children in the household and can easily reach-up to touch the appliance.