A flush plate is a bathroom feature that allows you to flush the toilet by pressing a button or activating a touchless sensor on the wall. They are usually fixed on the wall behind the cistern or above a back-to-wall or wall-hung toilet, creating a clean and stylish look for the bathroom.

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Flush plates are designed to be easily removed from the wall for accessing the electronics and cistern hidden behind, making maintenance tasks just as simple as for close-coupled toilet designs. Learn more about the diverse selection of these stylish and functional plates below.

In terms of functionality, there is a plethora of flush plates available to discover including many dual-flush varieties, with some even showcasing start/stop technology for enhanced usability. Each flush plate has a uniquely designed button setup, from side-by-side square buttons to integrated circular buttons. Available in chrome, wood, glass and metal, there's plenty of choice on looks as well. A particular favourite is the chrome finish, which matches prominent bathroom features well and helps create a modern look. For a more traditional choice, wooden plates offer a warm, homely feeling for the bathroom.

Selecting the Right Flush Plates

To help you decide on the right flush plate for your bathroom, consider these great tips:

  • Match the style with the overall décor; glass, for instance, is ideal for contemporary looks
  • Select a dual-flush system to save on water, ideally with a stop/start mechanism for greater flexibility
  • Make sure to purchase a compatible flush plate, as most are specially designed for certain cisterns.
  • If you're particularly concerned about hygiene, a touchless option is the way to go as you only need to wave your hand over the plate to activate it