Designer Radiators

Radiators are heating appliances that use thermal energy to heat up a space. If you have a well-designed home with the best available elements to complement your space, then you certainly would want a Designer Radiator that would fit-in nicely in the scheme of things and not look awkward or out-of-place. Designer Radiators are visually stunning and usually create a focal point in the interior where they are placed. Nicely combining beauty, strength and functionality, they ensure you consistently receive warmth and heat that you need and when you need, which is the cooler months of the year. Just like Standard models, Designer Radiators offer great diversity in shape, size, design and colour. The size, finish and heat output reflect the cost of the radiator, making designer models classy and exclusive. Installed either vertically or horizontally, they improve the aesthetic quotient of your bathroom or living room.

At Bathrooms 365, we stock a huge assortment of Designer Radiators for homeowners across the UK. If you are looking for classic and vintage designs that match your traditional interiors or wish to purchase an energy-efficient, dual fuel model then simply login and select. Both our traditional as well as modern radiators are made to match modern-day standards of quality and finish. If you have any further queries or want advice, then call our customer service numbers.