Digital Showers

Digital showers are fast becoming more popular than their traditional, analogue counterparts. The ability to simply press a button and have your preferred water temperature, an opportunity to change the water's intensity and even a selection of radio and external media options means that shower time becomes a fun and hassle-free event.

Although digital showers have only been in mainstream manufacture since the early 2000s, the advantages to the average homeowner are obvious and attractive. Replacing several bulky working parts with a single processor and a small amount of hidden cables means that anyone using digital showers can input presets, meaning that with one switch of a button, the perfect customised shower is provided instantly. When the next person comes in to take their turn, they simply hit their own preset, and they're ready to go.

Doubly attractive is the option to combine shower time with the user's favourite radio stations or music library. No more leaning out of the cubicle to change the station when a boring song comes on; one hit of a button and minutes of messy and often cold work are negated.

At Bathrooms 365, there is a digital shower to meet anyone's needs. Major brands are widely available, as well as lesser known and budget brands, to ensure that anyone wanting to kit out their bathroom with a more modern feel can afford a digital shower. With a movement towards digital rather than analogue, the options are so much more varied, so it is worth some constructive searching through brochures and the internet, in general, to see which add-ons are available, and how these can make the perfect custom shower experience.