Tall Bathroom Furniture

For anyone with cramped conditions in the bath area, adequate storage space may seem like something of a pipe dream. Fortunately, there is hope, much like the innovative skyward design of large cities trying to avoid urban sprawl, build up when you run out of space on the ground. In the bathroom, a Tall Boy unit provides the essential storage you need without taking up much space. So, what is a Tall Boy? Simply put, it is a storage cabinet that is designed exceptionally thin to accommodate the lack of space, but tall enough to handle a bathroom's storage needs.

We will help you find the perfect Tall Boy unit for your bathroom since we have over 50 modern Tall Boy units in all shapes and sizes. Whether you are in need of modern Tall Boy units or want to opt for a more traditional design, our friendly professional staff will assist you in finding the ideal unit for your bathroom. We carry quality wood Tall Boys made of oak, mahogany and pine.

There are plenty of materials to consider when purchasing a Tall Boy bathroom unit. We carry quality wood Tall Boys made of oak, mahogany and pine. The craftsmanship spells durability and quality, and its classic aesthetic adds a timeless elegance to any interior. The wood styling can be tailored to suit either traditional or modern designs, and Bathrooms 365 offers plenty of different colours to satisfy diverse design needs.

For a more modern look, consider choosing lighter colours that will accentuate the bathroom without calling too much attention to the Tall Boy Unit itself. Instead, it will seamlessly blend into the decorative theme of the space. For a more classic approach, consider a deep, dark brown Tall Boy that provides excellent contrast. When paired with a white countertop, the accentuated contrast is truly striking.

Designing and fitting a compact bathroom can be a challenge, but with some careful thought and attention, you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. Our inventory has been hand-picked to solve all the challenges facing modern homeowners, and our staff are friendly and knowledgeably. If you have any questions about the best fittings and furniture for your family’s needs, please get in touch. We’ve spent over 30 years helping people create dream bathrooms, and we can guide you through the whole process.