Standard Baths

Standard baths offer the consumer a flexible and sturdy alternative to the older style, enamel coated metal baths. Additionally, known as acrylic baths, these tubs can come in a wide range of colours, sizes, and designs. Some offer sloping back rests while others offer a deeper tub for the consumer who enjoys a long soak. Others may offer a small handle built into the side of the tub to help the bather lift in and out of the tub more easily. These are also the kind of baths used by Jacuzzi manufacturers.

What can be more relaxing at the end of a hard day, than a nice long soak in a hot bath? In the rush-about world in which we live, too many people have taken to having showers fitted at the expense of a bath, and lived to rue the day. Tradition has it that the focal point of a kitchen should be the kitchen table, a dining room the dining table, and likewise the bathroom a bath. No matter what style you choose, whether contemporary, traditional, steel or acrylic; a bath enhances the bathroom like nothing else.

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The classic straight bathtub has been a staple in most homes for generations. Simple, sleek,  no nonsense, room to stretch out: this utilitarian bath shape is pretty much perfect, but it’s no longer the only option available when you’re remodelling or fitting out a new bathroom. With so many more exotic shapes and sizes available these days, you might be wondering if a straight bath is still the right choice for you. We’ve put together this handy guide for you to use when you’re deciding on the perfect bath for your house.

Why select straight baths?

There are plenty of reasons why a straight bath works so well in many bathrooms. The first is size and space considerations. In a smaller room, a bulky square, round, or octagonal bath takes up a huge amount of real estate. If you don’t want to be constantly maneuvering around the bath, a straight basin which fits flush against the wall is the most economical use of space. The next consideration is budget. Straight baths come in a massive array of price points, and you can spend as much as you like, but you’re likely to find the best bargains with a basic straight bath. This shape is also the easiest to combine with a shower for an all-in-one bathing solution, and depending on the size of the bath, it may take less water (and time) to fill than an unconventionally shaped bath. Finally, the length of a rectangular bath is suited to lounging. You can unfurl your legs in comfort, lean back, and relax without running out of space.

What should be the ideal thickness of a bath?

While straight baths are the most basic option, you still have many decisions to make about your chosen bath. One of the most important (and often overlooked) things to think about is how thick your bath should be. The thickness of a bath will determine how sturdy it is, how it wears and even how warm it keeps the water. Which thickness to choose will depend on the material from which your bath is made as well as the enclosure or cladding you use around the basin. The average thickness for an acrylic and fibreglass bath is around 4-5mm, but you may find baths as thin as 3mm and upwards of 8mm. Keep in mind that this measurement refers to the sheet of acrylic from which the bath is formed, and not the finished bath. Thinner baths may flex and creak, depending on the installation and reinforcing materials. The numbers change when you’re shopping for a steel bath. With a steel enameled, the average thickness is 3.5mm.

What are heavy duty reinforced baths?

In these baths, the thickness of the original acrylic is less important, because the structure is heavily reinforced with many layers of strong clear resin. The resin adds rigidity and resilience to the whole bath. Basins treated in this way are extremely sturdy and durable, but are much more lightweight and less expensive than comparable steel or cast iron baths

In addition to being scratch-resistant and warmer than metal tubs, acrylic baths are often a more economical choice. There are many shapes and styles also available with Acrylic Baths. Check out our range to know more.

What is a Double Ended Bath?

Double ended baths have taps fitted in the centre of one of the long sides, and are ideal for some quality together time. Double ended baths have taps fitted in the centre of one of the long sides, and are ideal for some quality together time

Here are a few points about choosing standard baths for your home.

  • What dimensions will fit into your available space?
  • What shape, height, and width of bath would you like?
  • Do you want a basic standard bath or a more luxurious one?
  • Where would you like the taps?
  • Do you want a sloping back or a straight back?
  • Will you be doing more bathing or showering?
  • What type of faucets do you prefer?

Why Select Us

We have been in the bathroom business for over 30 years, and have helped thousands of customers choose baths and fittings, and we know how to guide you through every step of creating your dream bathroom. We have a huge selection of products for you to choose from, and we showcase our entire collection here online so that you never have to leave the comfort of your own home, or waste countless weekends in showrooms or warehouses.

In addition to the 'smaller' details such as backrest shape and where taps are placed, current baths come in an ever increasing range of styles that are pleasing and enjoyable to the consumer. Some of the more modern designs incorporate real wood surroundings and electronics - for instance, a radio or CD-player with built-in speakers to set a romantic mood, or cup holders for those who like to enjoy a drink in the bath. Air baths offer jets of air bubbles for a massage-like experience, in addition to the streams of water found in Jacuzzi type standard baths.

Sizes, Styles, and Shapes for Everyone No matter what size your bathroom is, there is a bath which will enhance it. Small, medium or large, rectangular, corner, or circular, and freestanding Victorian style baths are all available at Bathrooms 365. Even a bath the same size as your present one will provide greater space when the taps are centrally fitted. Still thinking shower, then consider one of the range of combined shower-double ended baths, and enjoy the best of both worlds.

The range of fittings at our online store can enhance the beauty of baths. From standard type taps in silver or gold, to Victorian taps to enhance the Victorian range. Or do away with taps altogether. Enjoy total freedom in a bath with an overflow-filler, or enhance the relaxing process in a whirlpool or spa double ended bath at our on-line store.The level of advice, customer service, and value that we offer will make your shopping experience as calm, pleasant and relaxing as a long hot bath!

At Bathrooms 365 we know that a good bathing experience can be the most relaxing and rejuvenating part of your day. Our staff will be pleased to help you select all the elements that make for a great experience for you. We are glad to answer your questions and introduce you to the styles that suit your personality and bathing space.