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A wash basin is perhaps the most central portion of any bathroom. It is no secret that their design and style will lend a very specific personality into this area. So, you are likely aware that there are a number of unique variants to choose from. Some of the most appealing models that provide a classical appeal are basins with pedestals. A pedestal will help to tie in the upper unit to the ground; mirroring a sense of stability and bespoke beauty that would otherwise not be present. Bathrooms 365 boasts a wide selection of these basins along with expert advice that is intended to help you make the correct choices.

The first thing that you will notice is the minimalistic appeal of these designs. All plumbing is located out of sight, although, when required it can be accessed quite easily. Some units are even stand alone (not attached to the wall). This is a great way to punctuate the existing space. One basin could offer a square design while another may boast rounded edges that are intended to mimic other nearby items such as a tub or shower enclosure. While white is one of the most common colour, other hues and shades such as grey, rose, and even black are available. Again, this will tend to centre around the ambience of the bathroom itself.

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We should first recall that in many ways, basins with pedestals are the centrepiece of your bathroom. So, their decor will define this space. The styles and options are purely up to your tastes in this fashion. If you enjoy a contemporary appeal, a basin tap with a single lever for hot and cold water is the most appealing. More classical approaches will embrace the traditional hot and cold tap. Metallic finishes such as copper, brass, platinum and chrome are a few of the selections that will give basins with pedestals the "pop" that they need to offer a standalone visual appeal.

If you are not entirely familiar with pedestal basins, some of these concepts may appear to be a bit unfamiliar. Bathrooms 365 are here when you need us. Not only are we capable of providing you with expert advice, but you can view numerous different types of basins to get a better idea of what it is that you may be looking for.