There are few things worse than having to take a lackluster shower in the morning. Just about everyone has had to use a shower head that has a weak spray or is at an awkward angle, but it's especially frustrating when you have to deal with these problems in your bathroom. Some people might be willing to put up with a weak shower for a while, but eventually, you will want to get a new one. Even if your current shower head seems to be working just fine, you might want to buy a more versatile model if you're planning on updating your bathroom. No matter what you want to do with your bathroom shower, here is what you should know when you go shopping for a new shower head.

The shower head you choose for your bathroom will ultimately be up to you, but if you aren't sure what to look for, we can help you. We have mroe than 50 different shower heads available, and our expert staff can tell you what to expect from each one and what would work best for your bathroom. For more information on our selection of shower heads, contact us today.

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As simple as shower heads may seem to some people, there's a wide variety available. If you plan just to take short showers and don't need anything too elaborate, you can go with a standard fixed shower head. These attach directly to a wall, and while some models have adjustable heights and different settings, they are fairly simple compared to other versions on the market. Most are fairly affordable, though, and they'll do their job just fine.

If you want a greater range of motion out of your shower, consider buying a hand-held shower head. Instead of being permanent fixtures on your shower wall, hand-held shower heads are removable, making them good for getting to hard-to-reach places or washing something other than an adult body such as children or pets. They don't work quite well if you just want to stand underneath a deluge of water and take a short shower.

If you want the best of both worlds when it comes to these products, you can always get a two-in-one model. These attach firmly to a wall fixture over your head if you just want to stand under your shower head, but they can also be removed if you need a hand-held one instead.

No matter what kind of shower head you want, most modern heads come with various settings, and some even come equipped with features to make them resistant to hard water buildup and other kinds of wear and tear.

Knowing When to Replace Your Shower Head

The most obvious sign that you need a new shower head is a distinct lack of water pressure. When you aren't using your shower, water still sits in your pipes until you turn it on. As clean as your water may appear to be, it does contain things that build up in your pipes and on the inside of your shower head. Eventually, this buildup will start to create a blockage in your pipes and your shower head, causing a drop in water pressure when showering. This is a bigger and more common problem in homes that have hard water, but it can happen to anybody's bathroom if you go too long without cleaning or replacing your shower head.

The product can be cleaned with some white vinegar or a cleaner that removes calcium deposits, but if the problem is too severe and your low water pressure is making showering difficult, it's time to buy a new shower head.