Bathroom Accessories at Bathrooms 365

It goes without saying that bathrooms are now one of the focal points in most people's homes but a lick of paint no longer suffices when it comes to updating and redesigning bathrooms. Not only are homeowners utterly redoing their bathrooms, with new bathroom suites, furniture and equipment, they are increasingly realising the importance of bathroom accessories when it comes to creating the right environment for bathrooms and increasing the sense of functionality that the room offers without jeopardising any design principles.

Depending on the size, shape and design style of bathrooms, there are all sorts of bathroom accessories that can be included to complement the overall finish of bathrooms. The most commonly utilised accessories found in bathrooms include:

Toilet Roll Holders - Most homeowners tend to use simple roll or bar toilet roll holders in their bathrooms as these are both easier to install and aesthetically pleasing. It is a good idea to try and mirror the shape and style of the rest of fixtures in bathrooms when it comes to picking loo roll holders.

Towel Rails - Nothing can make bathrooms look messier than towels strewn all over the room. As such, the installation of towel rails in bathrooms is always a good idea as it will make a considerable difference when it comes to keeping bathrooms’ tidy. A damp towel crumpled in the corner is no use to anybody. Keep the bathroom spic and span and always have a fresh towel waiting for you with one (or more!) of our many good-looking towel rails and rings.

Shaving Mirrors - Shaving should be a intricate process and more and more bathrooms are finding room for shaving mirrors amongst the must have bathroom accessories. Shaving mirrors make the whole process of shaving much more simple by magnifying the areas to be shaved and cutting down on any shaving related mishaps. Shaving mirrors can add to sense of style in bathrooms if they are implemented in the right way.

Curain Rails: Hang your shower curtain in style with one of our attractive, sturdy shower curtain rails. With so many options, you can pick the perfect rail to compliment your bathroom’s decor.

Shower Curtains: Go for understated elegance or indulge in a splash of colour with a fun print. Your shower curtain is a great way to add some personality to your bathroom while keeping the water in the bath and off of the floor!

Body Jets: You can add spa-like luxury to your daily shower routine with a set of powerful body jets. Soothe sore backs, relax stiff joints, and invigorate tired muscles with targeted, massaging sprays of hot water.

Soap Dish: Slippery slidey soap is a fact of bathroom life, and we wouldn’t be without it, but a mushy dissolving bar of soap wasting away in your sink isn’t a good look. Maintain the mess and keep your soap fresh and ready to use with a smart soap dish. Soap dishes are a mainstay in modern bathrooms and are easy to install and can be chosen to complement more or less any design style.

Soap Dispensers: Liquid soap is great for a quick, convenient wash, but those bottles from the shop aren’t always the most attractive. Decant your favourite soft soap into a beautiful dispenser chosen to harmonise with your bathroom’s design.

Toilet Seats: It’s estimated that the average person spends about three months sitting on the toilet over the course of their lifetime: spend that time in comfort and style with a carefully chosen toilet seat. We stock a full range of acrylic and wooden seats to match any bathroom suite

Cistern Levers: Keep your toilet feeling flush and in good working order with a new cistern lever. We carry replacement levers to fit toilets of all types.

Laundry Baskets: Hide unsightly piles of towels and dirty clothes until washing day with our attractive laundry baskets and hampers. Choose from our comprehensive range of laundry baskets which combine form and functionality.

Robe Hook: The cozy feeling of slipping into a warm dry robe after stepping out of your bath or shower is hard to beat. Make sure yours is always at arm’s reach with a handy robe hook from our extensive collection.

Flush Plates: The final touch for a sleek, contemporary bathroom design, a properly-chosen flush plate adds a designer element to any modern toilet. We stock many shapes, sizes, and makes so you’ll have no problem finding one to suit.

Shower LightsThere’s no need to shower in the dark! Brighten up your daily wash rituals and make tasks like shaving a snap with our great waterproof shower lights.

One of the best parts about designing your own bathroom is that you get complete control over all the details. There’s a lot of creativity in choosing the finishing touches, and this is where your personality and design aesthetic will really shine through. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the difference, which is why we carry such a huge range of bathroom accessories.

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