Worktops or Countertops are essential additions to your vanity and furniture units and provide a perfect platform for installing a sink or place a washbowl. If used with inset or semi recessed basin then these are cut as per the size of the basin or maybe used uncut with bowl or vessel basin. The worktop may be of the same size of the unit or may be used to join one unit with another for a seamless, sleek finish. Like almost all elements inside a bathroom, these fixtures must also be resilient to high humidity levels and moisture and also damage from water, soap and cosmetics. Apart from this, they must offer a clean, uncluttered space for variable use while maintaining their good looks.

No bathroom is complete without our range of high-quality and durable worktops that can be used to mix and match and create the desired look and utility in the bath area. From fixing of a countertop basin to simply using it as is, our worktops serve a variety of purposes from holding towels and toiletries to doubling up as display units, they ensure that clutter is banished for good.

At Bathrooms 365, we offer an extensive and attractive range of choices that meet all budgets. Although worktops must be durable, buyers usually prefer to go with the styling, colours, finish and price as these do not need to be as sturdy as kitchen counters.

Most worktops are water-resistant but, as a precaution, we usually ask our customers to avoid excess dampness or water by simply wiping clean with a dry cloth after use. Bathrooms users generally leave items such as shampoo or toothpaste on the counters that mar the attractive look of the unit. It is important to have enough storage in the form of cabinets to keep the worktops clutter-free and stylish. For further assistance and tips, you can call us and our staff will be happy to help.