Walk-in Enclosures

The appeal of a walk in shower enclosure isn't for everyone, but there are some marked advantages, most having to do with ease of entrance and exit into the shower space. A walk in shower enclosure can be defined by any shower space that is not part of a bathtub and is only used for showering. In some cases where there is not enough room for a full bath, a standalone walk in enclosure offers a great alternative. As well, for those that are mobility impaired, walk in showers can offer an amount of independence that cannot be achieved by a standard cubicle.

Drawing on deep experience in the field, we know-how to help you create the walk in shower enclosure to fit your needs. We have the products and the expertise to help you renovate your aging bathroom or install the bathroom of your dreams in a new home.

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The comfort of walk in shower enclosures is encompassed in their ease of access. There is no tub wall to walk over. They range in size from small to large. The ease of access lends itself innately to those with mobility limitations like the elderly and wheelchair bound. Others may choose a large walk in enclosure for the amount of space it affords, multiple shower heads, and steam options may be some reasons for choosing this type of installation. Most of the homeowners choose these type of enclosures for the luxury. Either way, it is a standard for comfort. Most of these are made from toughened glass. Fixtures vary from simple shower units to multiple massaging nozzles. There is a wide degree of variance in choice when it comes to installing a walk in enclosure.