Countertop Washbasins

All things come full circle, which is why the latest fashion in bathroom design – counter top basins – takes inspiration from the traditional bowl and ewer, once found in many bedrooms. The difference is that today’s bowls have been updated, using modern materials and, of course, with tap fittings so that you can have style and convenience at the same time.

If a counter top basin is on your shopping list, why not take a look at our collection? We stock counter top basins with a wide range of designs, so no matter what design style you have, there’s a basin for you. Take a look and order online today – our prices are low and our shopping site is secure.

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Sitting on top of a cupboard, shelf or plinth, counter top basins bring a real taste of contemporary design to any bathroom. The popularity of these sinks means that designers are always looking for new ways to bring their vessel basins to life, and to capture the essence of a truly modern bathroom. From deep circular bowls to delicate fluted shapes, utilitarian rectangles and offset designs, the choice of vessel sinks on the market today is anything but limited. That means that whatever theme you’re planning for your wash area, you’ll be able to find a model that works for you.

If you’re tired of the traditional pedestal basin and you’re looking for something completely different that gives your bathroom a real sense of space, check out the range of counter top basins at Bathrooms 365. Because it sits on a wall-mounted cupboard, or a single shelf, a vessel basin can help you to make the most of the space in your bathroom. It’s amazing what a difference clear floor space can make to the feel of a bathroom when you walk in, and these products give you the freedom to add extra space to your room whilst also giving an immediate modern feel.