Cassellie is a bathroom design brand based in Leeds, England. This brand is a flag bearer in providing the best quality bathroom amenity design at affordable prices. All their products are made of cutting-edge materials and go through a meticulous testing process, which makes this brand unrivalled in its quality and design.

Their exclusive product range includes taps, radiators, basins, furniture, showers, baths/ screen to name a few. These products guarantee to transform your bathroom space from elegant enclosures to luxurious toilet designs and contemporary showers to traditional taps. Their designs are outstanding with a high quality specification which comes in a vivid array of variety and colours. The brand advocates the famous saying, “The devil is in the detail” thus making sure to take their approach of the best quality and craftsmanship in every product. Cassellie cherishes the extra level of thought and attention to detail they put in their products.

The company realises it is important for their customers to have a durable product; so, keeping that in mind, all their products have a 10-year guarantee for your satisfaction and peace of mind. They claim their products to be 100% water resistant.