No-one likes to find wet towels on the bathroom floor or to reach out from the shower and find nothing to dry yourself within reach. So when planning your bathroom, it's important to think of the vital extras like towel holders that are an integral part of the functionality of your bathroom. Towel holders can be found to match in with the range of your other bathroom fittings such as taps or can be a decorative design element in their right. Finish options include or polished chrome, vintage gold or brass, or even paired with natural or painted wood. Maybe your ideal bathroom is a clean, modern zen-style oasis reflecting contemporary city living? Perhaps you are more influenced by traditional elegance reflecting country estate style and vintage designs?

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When selecting towel holders for your bathroom, remember to take into account the size of your family and the likely number of users. Larger families will find holders with several rails or arms especially useful. Additional hooks or rails that mount on the bathroom door are a useful additional option. If you are short on cupboard space in your bathroom, an attractive and useful feature is a hotel style rack, where clean rolled or folded towels can be stored, ready for use. These are smart, elegant and practical storage solutions and are available with or without an additional hanging rail for a towel. A simple ring or hook for a hand towel close to the sink is invaluable. Freestanding traditional or contemporary towel rails are another useful option, particularly if you want to add storage to an existing bathroom without the need for wall fitting.

Bathroom accessories are a functional necessity, but that doesn't stop them from being an essential part of the design feel in your bathroom. Whether planning a bathroom from scratch, adding new or replacing existing fittings, explore the range at Bathrooms 365 to find the perfect match for you and your needs. We have options available to suit all tastes. We stock a wide range of towel holders and we are sure, you will find one at our online store to match with your requirement.