Kitchen Mixer Taps

One could say that the centre or focal point of the kitchen is the sink; every function in the kitchen invariably involves the sink and what can give it that extra special touch is a beautiful new tap. In fact, a good quality model is essential in the modern kitchen; keeping this in mind, we have around 150 different styles to help you make the ideal choice.

Before you make that important choice there are several things one should consider, some aesthetic and some practical. One of the first things to consider is size, you want the kitchen mixer tap to suit the size of the sink, you don't want a huge faucet overwhelming a small sink and vice versa.

Some modern kitchens are built along traditional lines, and there are even kitchen mixers to suit them. However, most have a modern design and the majority products in our online store reflects modern shapes and curves. Made out of a variety of materials such as stainless steel, brushed steel, colour-coordinated, brass or even gold-effect, the taps available can blend well with another décor of your room, just a careful consideration is required.

Price.: If you have a top of the range fitted kitchen, then you are not going to skimp on one of the most important features. Similarly, if you are looking to furnish to a tight budget, you will want a mixer that is the right style, but also fits into your budget. We can assure you that at our online store, you can get the latest styles at the right price. Our prices range from a modest £25+, up to £500+ for a top of the range, luxury fitment.

All these choices and considerations are important, but it's also fun to choose, either by browsing our online site, or physically visiting our showroom, where we have dedicated kitchen sections, and where we have showcased designer models from economy to premium range. Make sure you have made a note of all the relevant dimensions and take a tape measure with you.

If you are buying online and still undecided about which is the right choice for you, help is at hand from us at Bathrooms 365. We can guide you to the right choice from an extensive 150+ range of kitchen mixer taps.