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It is often forgotten that the bathroom is probably one of the most personal spaces in any home. So with this in mind, it is very important to consider the various choices available when it comes to selecting appropriate sanitaryware. It should be remembered that your washroom is primarily a place to relax and to feel at ease so this should always be reflected in the design scheme and the choice of furnishings. Perhaps the most frequently used item in this space is the basin, so it is essential to ensure that the correct kind is fitted. This should not only be functional but also a type that fully complements your space. At Bathrooms 365, we stock a horde of sinks from the best and renowned suppliers in UK.

Fortunately, there is a wide and extensive range of stylish design options available today, when contemplating which type of washbasin to select for this important room. Regrettably, it is the case that not all bathrooms are as large as we would like them to be and for bathrooms where limited space is an issue, a practical and ingenious solution may be found in considering Semi Pedestal Basins. These come in various sizes to flatter all types of bathroom layouts. Although different construction materials are available, by far the most popular preference currently on the market is the high grade white ceramic basin completed in a lustrous gloss finish.


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The great advantage of choosing Semi-Pedestal Basins is the fact that the pedestal does not reach all the way to the floor, and this makes the surface area of even the smallest bathrooms appear much larger. This gives the entire room the illusion of space. The beauty of this design means that the basin is bolted to the wall, and the pedestal is suspended below using specially manufactured clips, to effectively and discretely obscure the often unsightly pipes and bottle trap providing the appearance of a superbly integrated finish. An additional benefit with this style of basin means that the fully exposed floor surface can be cleaned a lot easily helping to keep the bathroom hygienic and sanitized.

Not only do these sinks combine simple functionality with a sleek minimalistic design but the profusion of styles on the market today allows the designer to create their personalised bathroom through the choice of either a traditional or contemporary look. Semi Pedestal Basins are a cost-effective option that affords the opportunity to make a magnificent and bold statement in an often underestimated room.