Large Vanity Units

Gone are the days when you had to struggle with a standard wash basin, where you had a little room for storage. Today a much more practical idea is to get a vanity unit. This normally comprises a stylish sink that sits on top of a unit with ample space around it to keep any accessories you may need underneath the basin, as it also comes with drawers and cupboards. One of biggest choices of large basin vanity units can be found at Bathrooms 365 with over 150 designs. If you are struggling to make that choice, help is at hand from our specialists; they can guide you to making the right choice, the expertise comes from experience, given the massive numbers of these product that we offer and sell daily.

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If you have the room for a large vanity unit in your bathroom, you’re in luck. With the right vanity, you won’t have to worry about a cluttered countertop, or lack of elbow room when you’re getting ready in front of the mirror. A good-sized product doubles as a worktop and storage space, so when you’re shopping, keep those two functions in mind. Once you’ve figured out the size, position and plumbing for your new vanity (remember to allow for opening doors and drawers!) you can start to think about the styles and specific aspects you want. Here are a few features to look for in your dream unit.

Quality materials: For the vanity top, water resistance should be high on your list of priorities. The finish should be well-sealed, and wood should be lacquered. Keep in mind that clear lacquers may shed small amounts of water, but if it's left to stand the finish may be damaged. You may want to avoid anything with large amounts of difficult-to-clean grouting.

Sturdy fixtures and fittings: Don’t skimp on the details. If your vanity comes with drawer pulls, a towel rack, or other special fixtures, make sure they’ll stand up to daily use. Check to see how easy they will be to replace if you’d like to swap them out for a new style in the future.

Smart storage: You need a place to stash all your bubble bath, grooming accessories, and cleaning supplies, and in many bathrooms, the vanity is the main repository for it all. Drawers and shelving are wonderful for keeping everything straight. Think about the items you use daily and need to have within reach: does the large vanity have room for all of them?

Height: The traditional height for such a unit is about 800 mm, but you might be comfortable with a bit more or less height, especially depending on the style of basin you’re using.

Most units installed in bathrooms and can be chosen to match existing elements, in fact they will often be installed as part of a complete bathroom refurbishment. However, this is not the only place to install a vanity unit, the ensuite is ideal for one and other locations in a house could benefit from a large basin version, understairs or if you don't have the space for an ensuite, it can also be installed in the bedroom.

The range of different materials is large not only for the unit but also the wash basins and the combinations are endless; pine base with ceramic basin and brushed steel taps, antique base with ultra-modern sink and taps, bases that are flush to the floor and others with legs or attached to the wall with clear space underneath. The base top can use natural surfaces like oak, marble and granite or modern synthetic tops like those used in kitchens. Some of the larger washbasins have two sets of taps, his and hers in the same sink!

How much it will Cost?

How much will all this cost? Obviously the cost is as much as you want to pay, from £100 for the most basic units up to £2000+ for the top of the range luxury units. We have a complete range, which also features one with double sink. Browse our range and select the one that will suit best in your house.

If you have more questions about how to choose the right large vanity unit for your bathroom, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’ve spent 30 years advising people on their bathroom projects, and we’re always happy to lend an ear and some friendly advice.