Freestanding Baths

Nowadays you can purchase freestanding baths with outside surfaces ready to paint so you can select your own unique colour. What that also means is you can easily update the look of your bathroom at any time simply by painting the bath again in a modern colour. Freestanding tubs with one straight end to allow for corner positioning. And of course, not forgetting the traditional clawfoot bath that adds plenty of vintage-chic to any bathroom. All in all, from egg shaped baths to oval ones, there is certainly no shortage of options on offer in our on-line store. 

Traditional styles influence the contemporary lines of today’s roll top baths. Love the look of roll top baths? Want to install a contemporary version in your bathroom? Look no further. We have a range of products that draw on traditional styling, but will look completely up to date in your home. We understand how bathrooms work and we can give you help and advice as well as access to hundreds of products. Take a look at our collection of freestanding baths today and buy online, or call us on 020374 41212 to find out more.

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Freestanding baths have always been synonymous with luxury and style. Whilst you could trawl reclamation yards and small suppliers for an original roll top bath, it’s a much better option to invest in a newer style of free standing baths, which blends the traditional style bathroom with modern manufacturing techniques. If you have the space, a freestanding bath can be a real talking point in your new bathroom, and help you to define the rest of your bathroom design. For that reason, if you’re thinking of buying a a new bath, it’s a good idea to choose it before you look for any other bathroom products:

Distinctive – Freestanding baths are distinctive by nature, and with bathroom companies offering you a wide range of options, including custom painting the outside of your roll top, it makes sense to decide which bath you want before you make any other decisions. Adding a freestanding bath to a bathroom that’s already designed will be much more difficult. If it’s distinctiveness you want, choose the roll top first.

Placement – where are you going to put your bath? These often take centre stage and you can place it right in the middle of your bathroom for maximum impact, or closer to a wall if you need to free up floor space. Whatever you choose, make sure that plumbing for taps and overhead showers is practical and that you can install your bath easily.

Materials – Freestanding baths are made from a variety of materials, although acrylic and steel are the most common. Prices will vary, as will styles, weight and size, so make sure you’ve looked at all the options available to you before you buy. These add style and elegance to any bathroom and are priced so that anyone can enjoy the luxury of this type of bath in their home.

Sharing a romantic bubble bath can be a rather difficult task in a traditional bathroom. A free standing bath is ideal for sharing and is a stunning addition to your bathroom suite. Not only will this item enhance the appearance of your bathroom it will add a little romance to your relationship.