Quadrant Enclosures

For many people, the bathroom is still the smallest room in the house and trying to fit everything in can be a challenge. Quadrant shower enclosures feature sliding doors and a gently curved front edge, which make them an excellent choice for any bathroom where space is at a premium (you won’t have to worry about opening a door outwards and bumping into the toilet!) They are a sleek, compact solution which is right at home in the most stylish contemporary bathroom. Because they fit neatly into a corner, they can often allow you to fit a shower and a separate bath into limited space. Fortunately, the design of these enclosure means you can fit a contemporary shower without using lots of space – and at Bathroom 365, we have a great choice of space-saving shower solutions for you.

At Bathrooms 365, our quadrant shower enclosures come in 800mm, 900mm and 1000mm sizes, giving you the flexibility to add extra showering space to your bathroom. An 800mm shower is perfectly big enough for any use, and is the standard size for this type of enclosure, If you have space for a bigger enclosure, but want to retain the space-saving style of the curved front, just opt for the bigger sizes to enhance your showering experience. The great thing about these enclosures is that it’s easy to get a shower tray that works with the enclosure you choose, and because you can decide what type of shower to fit within the cubicle, you can make your bathroom look as contemporary or traditional as you like, whilst still keeping all the benefits that a stand-alone showering space brings.

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When you’re choosing a quadrant shower enclosure for your bathroom, here are some things to keep in mind:


A quadrant shower can be an extremely economical choice, but it’s also possible to treat yourself with luxury models. Consider the cost of extras such as shower trays and tiling.


Quadrant showers come in a range of sizes, allowing you to use as much or little space as you have. The 800mm shower is the standard, compact size, and is large enough for most showering purposes. If you’ve got some floor space to spare, you can upgrade to a 900mm or 1000mm size, which will give you a little more elbow room and a more indulgent shower.


While the classic quadrant shower enclosure is square with rounded doors, it’s also possible to find offset quadrants, which have one longer side, giving you a little more space in the shower. Check the height, too. Standard models are about 1850mm to 1900mm tall, but some high end or designer enclosures can be a lot higher. You may have the choice of right or left-hand fitting.

Type of door:

Most shower doors are made of tempered glass. Look for models that are at least 5mm thick. At the higher end of the market you can find thicknesses of 8 to 10mm, but as some people prefer the look of thinner glass, don’t judge the quality solely by the glass thickness

With so many models to choose from, much of your decision will be down to personal taste. Do you want clear, frosted, or mirrored glass? Do you like the look of chrome accents or the simplicity of frameless styles? Do you want quick release rollers for easy cleaning? One door or two? If you’re having trouble deciding, feel free to get in touch. With 30 years of bathroom experience, we can help you find the perfect quadrant shower enclosure for your home.

Quadrant enclosures make great use of the corner areas of your bathroom, allowing you to install a separate shower and bath in a room where you might have thought there simply wasn’t enough space. With a curved front edge that looks stylish but also doesn’t occupy your bathroom floor space, this type of enclosure is perfect for any bathroom where space is an issue. Whether it’s a family bathroom, and en-suite or a downstairs shower room, a quadrant shower enclosure gives you an affordable, practical and desirable option.

If you’re looking for a practical, affordable and stylish space-saving solution for your bathroom, these type of enclosures could be exactly what you need. Take a look at our collection today to find the perfect one for your needs.