Traditional Washbasins

Traditional wash basins are back in style! In addition, known as the pedestal basin, the historic model is designed with the basin as the focal feature and the necessary pipe work hidden in the column running from floor to the sink as well as, when required, tucked behind the basin itself. The style most seen in older houses, traditional models have a classy look and small floor space making them ideal for little as well as large bathrooms. At Bathrooms 365 we are always available to help you choose the right one for your bathroom. We carry a large range of styles of sinks to suit your needs. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to give us a call.


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There are many designs, colours, and styles of washbasins. One pedestal sink is not equal to the next one, and they come in a combination of materials and finishes for every bathroom. Shapes include: triangular, oval, round, and square plus variations of those basics. Depths can be shallow or deep, and fixtures can virtually be whatever tap and accessories you wish. Some traditional models have indentations for the soap bar. Others have toothbrush holder slots, hand rails, towel rails and more.

How to Choose Your Traditional Wash Basin

First, make a note of the colour of the bathroom. Next, the dimensions which your traditional washbasin must fit - including height from floor, pedestal dimensions, and the size and configuration of your existing basin water pipes. Do you wish to have a single tap for hot and cold water or a pair of taps? What material would go best with your bathroom - enamel, acrylic, stone?

Popular Wash Basin Styles

  • Entirely square and boxy looking, no cupboard and a very short pedestal extending just below the sink
  • Completely rounded and shaped as a serving bowl would be, resting on a counter which does not have cupboards below:
    Rounded basins with square shaped inner bowls
    Triangular and angular basins

Trendy traditional basin taps are those which are 'industrial' inspired and come shaped just as chunky as the sinks they serve. Basin Mixer Taps are the preferred, with lever style adjustment knobs.