Traditional Toilets

When choosing fixtures and fittings we all like to pick items that not only reflect our personalities but also perfectly match the property. In the past, the choice of toilets was rather limited but today we can choose from a huge range of styles from the ultra-modern to the classic retro look. Although toilets are a highly practical item there is still a need for them to be comfortable for the user and to offer a pleasing aesthetic within the room they're fitted in. To that end, manufacturers have endeavoured to offer these products in a variety of designs including traditional style. Whether its a large or small toilet, square or rounded style, you will find something to suit your design requirements at our on-line store.

Designers are now manufacturing toilets in different shades, making it the perfect choice for homeowners who are looking for a quality material that can be matched to their chosen interior design colour palette. What's more, is the new style traditional toilet at our online store, also features floral design, and make it even more decorative, while remaining cost effective. More and more people are attracted to the timeless charm of the traditional toilet with its slightly old-fashioned but dateless styling and substantial build which exudes quality. At Bathrooms 365, we offer a wide range of choices, and we are sure, you will find the right one, based on your requirement.


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The flushing toilet has been with us for a very long time having been invented in 1596 by John Harrington. The toilet as we know it, with ballcock and siphonic flushing mechanism, was perfected in the late 19th century by Thomas Crapper. The new sanitaryware, were hugely successful and were even ordered for installation in Sandringham House by the Prince of Wales (Edward VII) in the 1880s. This royal endorsement of all things WC continues up to this day, and it is said that our present Prince of Wales has a collection of antique cistern flush handles!

What are Traditional Toilets?

When we talk about traditional models, we certainly do not mean reverting to the poor plumbing standards of the past but of traditional style applied to 21st century technology. The three main styles refer to the cistern placement that can be close-coupled, Low/Intermediate level or High level. With some traditional versions, the cistern height can be chosen by the installer depending on the length of the flush pipe. Other fittings, such as wooden seats and lids can complete the period look.

Which one to Select? Modern/ Traditional

The choice of style is entirely up to the buyer, and some properties may even benefit from having different bathrooms in different styles. Bathrooms 365 can supply all styles including modern, close-coupled and wall hung making it easy to get the perfect toilet for any situation. One advantage of choosing a traditional toilet is that vintage styling does not go out of fashion and will always look great.