Carisa Radiators

CARISA is the brainchild of the experienced and innovative team at Carisa Radiators and the culmination of their hard work and vision. The brand’s reputation speaks for itself and has been the envy of the competition for the last 40 years. The company believes that it is essential to add value to a buyer’s life, and that is only possible if your products possess elements that are unique and unrivalled.

Design and technology are the key ingredients of a product that make or mar its value. Engaging with the clients and their individual choices is the essence of staying at the top in any business. CARISA heating units, towel rails, radiators and decorative accessories are a practical blend of latest technology, achieved through collaboration with the best engineering and design teams that work towards sharing their achievements to bring convenience to the life of consumers. The brand has an endless range of radiators and accessories in different models, sizes, and colors.

Carisa can even help you own your very own customised radiators and heated towel rails. Every radiator adheres to the highest quality and attention to detail, and that confidence in the finished product reflects in the 20-year warranty. These radiators are made from high quality metals like Aluminium and Stainless steel that efficiently conduct heat as well as are corrosion resistant and are graceful, elegant and stylish. The company has achieved an envious reputation in heating not just within the UK but also worldwide. In fact, the world over Carisa is the preferred choice of architects, who are only too happy to work with these appliances on both large and small projects.

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