Bathroom Cabinets

It is impossible to imagine a bathroom without a mirror and proper storage; however, the growing demand for space has resulted in reduced home sizes, common to modern housing constructions, which in turn has affected the bathroom size, and almost obliterated the concept of big bathrooms, paving way for small bathrooms to be the order of the day. The pressure of curtailment continues to apply its choke on these small bathrooms making it impossible to spare a considerable patch on the wall consecrated to the mirror. The bathroom industry answered the challenge in the most ingenious fashion by combining storage and reflective elements to form a single unit known as Mirrored Cabinets. An alleviator of pressure, the mirrored cabinet is an essential bathroom accessory which not only satisfies the functional aspirations of a mirrored surface along with the storage of grooming essentials, but it also serves as an appreciable aesthetic component elevating the decor of the bathroom. At Bathrooms365, we offer a significant number of products featuring modern style and modern design. Choose from the range below and select the best products, based on your requirement.

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There are various types of bathroom cabinets available, and below we have described the options that is available at our on-line store.

Single Pane

The single panel variety consists of a single cabinet with a mirror on the exterior supplied with shelves on the inside; both right and left handed access driven formulations are available with or without handles to suit personal preferences. Additional ornamentation such as decorative frames and special colour schemes including a variety of finishes are certainly a part of the presentation.

Tri View

Tri-view cabinets are both vanity and storage oriented and feature two sections that help you bifurcate between your essential toiletries and miscellaneous personal items you may want to store in the second section. The larger section is accessed by the double doors and the smaller section has a single panel. Meant for mid-sized bathrooms or those with comparatively large storage requirements the tri-view cabinet can be found with or without ornate framing and handles.


These cater to the what if scenario of no light or insufficient light inside your bathroom, hence the mirrors are integrated with their own lighting, the lights are sequenced on either sides of the panel or found on the top portion without glaring into your eyes. Embedded into the mirror panel are specially designed LED bulbs that easy on the eyes ensuring sufficient brightness needed for a detailed image inspection. The storage principle of the cabinet remains unaffected by the illuminated mirror, and helps you organise your personal care items with utmost sophistication.


It is the method of installation that separates this category from the rest, the theme of saving space, however, remains central to this approach and is in fact double distilled. Because, not only is it a cabinet with mirror but it gets encased inside your bathroom wall hence saving you those precious inches on the outer surface, which is a definite advantage it offers above the other types, the only challenge attached to it is its installation which takes a day minimum as a standard rule and you would need professional help to secure it. Another matter-of-fact preparation required for its installation is to have the dimensions of your bathroom wall checked to choose the appropriate size and model.

There are other variations which include mirrors on the inside of the cabinet in addition to the outer surface for greater visibility. Specific models have mirrors with demister pads to counter fog or mist produced in the bathroom during a shower along with shaving sockets raising the standard of convenience and comfort level. Bathroom mirror cabinets are the one stop solution to various problems that revolve around grooming and bathroom storage, which in the past would seriously prevent you from attending to your own appearance.