Traditional Washbasins

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Installing individual sinks in your bathroom is a great way of creating your own personal space. However, everything in your bathroom needn’t be separate. A bathroom can be a romantic space as well as a place for calm and relaxation. With the right fittings you can create your own romantic haven.

A beautiful basin is as ornamental as it is functional, and it can add so much grace and elegance to your bathroom’s design. The basin you choose will depend on your budget, your needs, the space you have available, and your own sense of style. To help you pick the best one for your bathroom, we have put together this simple guide to the types of basins on the market.

Counter Top Basins

As you’d guess from the name, counter top basins rest on top of a counter unit. They are also known as “vessel” basins, and they resemble the old washbowls of long ago, with the added convenience of running water! In a vintage style, these basins look especially beautiful in restored period homes, but you’ll also find modern, artistic interpretations which would be at home in any designer showplace.

Inset Basins

Inset basins fit into a hole cut in a countertop. They may sit flush with the counter, in which case they are known as undermount basins: this is a great, minimalist look. You can also find self-rimming basins, which have a raised lip that rests on the counter top. These are easy to install and the elevated rim helps to keep spills to a minimum, protecting the counter’s finish. Semi-recessed basins work with a small shelf or piece of furniture: they have a rounded, smooth outside edge with a back that sits seamlessly into the countertop.

Traditional Style Basins

Nowadays it's common to find bathrooms fitted out with the ever popular minimalist look but there are signs that retro styles are heading for a comeback. If the idea of stepping back into the traditional style inside your bathroom sounds like fun then have a look at our range of traditional style basins.

The traditional style basin is a lovely way to bring a touch of old-fashioned charm to your bathroom. These basins are usually have full or half pedestals to hide the plumbing, and are styled with classic lines and vintage details.

If there is one piece of bathroom furniture that says 'sixties' it's the slim pedestal basin. Our range of classic pieces will instantly transform the look of the room, and if you choose a colour such as pastel blue or pink you will really get that sixties vibe happening. Match a toilet and bath to the basin in the same colour and your bathroom will be instantly transported into full retro style.

Apart from traditional style basin, you will find plenty of retro accessories in our on-line store. Round mirrors, glass jars and ball shaped light shades are just a few of the many items from our on-line store that you can look forward to adding to your retro bathroom makeover.

Basins with Pedestals

Pedestal basins are the most popular choice in the UK, and for good reason. The plumbing is concealed within the pedestal, and their sleek design means that they don’t take up much space. Basins with pedestals come in many beautiful styles. You can choose from simple, utilitarian designs, gorgeous vintage-inspired pieces, or clean, contemporary lines.

Corner Basins

The ultimate space-saver, a corner basin can be tucked into the right angles of a wall. These basins are usually small, but they do the job beautifully, and can make all the difference when you’re trying to outfit a tiny bathroom.

Cloakroom Basins

Your cloakroom may be tiny, but it’s the bathroom that most of your guests will see. Clever, stylish design is the best way to make a good impression, and specially designed cloakroom basins are a part of the strategy. These compact solutions include corner sinks, small pedestal and half-pedestal styles, and beautiful wall-mounted basins.

For many guests, the cloakroom will be the only bathroom they use. That means if you want to impress, you need to check out the latest in funky cloakroom basin design. You can create a fun, classy or practical cloakroom very easily, depending on your choice of your basin. Whether you love straight lines or sensuous curves, there are plenty of basins to choose from, including ones that have been designed to give your washroom real appeal – unusual shapes, sloping surfaces and corner fittings – all to make your cloakroom the very best it can be.

Small spaces don’t have to be dull. In fact, planning a cloakroom can be fun if you know where to look for the right cloakroom basins and toilets. We understand that our consumers need designs that work with limited space, which is why you can buy chic and basins from our on-line store to give your cloakroom the “wow” factor.

Vanity Basins

The great benefit of a vanity basin is the built-in storage space, where you can hide all your bath potions, grooming gadgets, and cleaning supplies. They are ideal in a bathroom without closets and other storage options. Vanity basins range from small, minimalist designs to huge luxurious furniture pieces, so no matter what your needs are, you can find one to suit your bathroom.

Once you’ve decided on a basin for your washroom, you’ll want to add essentials like taps and accessories. Matching taps to cloakroom basins is a great job, because as well as a range of basin designs, there are hundreds of different taps to choose from. Making a good match between your taps and your basin will really help to create a fantastic impression for anyone who walks in, and adding a contemporary towel rail, soap dispenser or storage shelving to your bathroom will help to make even the smallest of spaces chic and welcoming.

A hundred years ago, everyone, rich or poor, washed up with a simple bowl and pitcher: the only real difference was whether your basin was made of earthenware or fine china. Times have changed. Sinks and basins today come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and the incredible array of choices available means that nobody needs to settle for a second-best basin.