Sometimes the choice can be bewildering. At Bathrooms 365 we stock a range of electric showers. Our expert staff can help you choose exactly the right one for your needs and your budget, leaving you to enjoy a hot shower whenever you want.


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Over the last forty years, bathing habits in the UK have changed considerably. Bathing has gone from being a maybe a twice weekly operation to an occasional luxury for relaxation. Showering has taken the place of bathing as the most popular personal hygiene routine, and more than half the population showers at least once a day. For many people, electric showers have proved to be the simplest way to have a shower installed in their home.

Although they have some minor disadvantages, such as slightly lower pressure than mixer showers, and they may be a little costly to have installed professionally, they are relatively inexpensive and very convenient.

Electric showers simply take cold water and pass it through a large heating element before sending it to the spray head, and ultimately all over you. The larger the kilowatt rating of the model, the more water it can heat in a given time, and the more hot water is sprayed out of the shower head. As the water is heated in the shower unit you only heat the amount of water you will use, and you don’t have to wait for hot water to arrive from your boiler. This means that you don’t waste money on your electric bill by heating too much water, or on your water meter by running cold water through the system before the hot water arrives. All of this is independent of your domestic hot water boiler, so if you are unlucky enough to have a boiler breakdown you can still enjoy a hot shower.

While the basic operation of electric models is quite simple, we offer a range of additional functions to make your shower more comfortable or easier to use. Many have thermal cut-out switches so that if someone inadvertently runs a tap while you are showering, the unit will cut out to prevent you being scalded. Others have pressure boosting pumps that help you have plenty of hot water if you live in a low water pressure area. You can even get showers with coloured LEDs in the shower head which tell you when the water is the right temperature!