Bathroom Lifestyles

Reading the plumber’s mind

Even for the most seasoned households, an encounter with a plumber puts them in mind of an alarmist or a skeptic. Thorough investigation into the nature of plumbing and practices employed by various plumbers of high standing reveal that good plumbers are—distinctly recognizable.

Bizzare Toilets Accross The World

It is a common perception that toilets are a modern invention, but this is not true. It may surprise you to learn that toilets have existed as far back as thousands of years ago, in so-called pagan and primitive cultures.

Bathrooms to Boost your Property Prices

When it comes to property prices, bathrooms can be the most important rooms in your home. Bathrooms add value to homes. If you have just one family bathroom, it's worth considering investing in a second bathroom - even if it's a small shower room.

Bathrooms for the Next JK Rowling

Bathrooms are the most popular room in the house for reading - whether it's on the toilet or in the bath. So what better place to hatch the next bestselling blockbuster?

Bathrooms - Important Renovation Questions

For those looking to renovate their bathrooms, it is a good idea to look at some of the most common questions that homeowners should ask themselves before they press on with the renovation of bathrooms.

Bathrooms - The Secret of a Long Marriage

Bathrooms could be the secret for a long and happy marriage - according to movie star Michael Caine. Bathrooms may not be the first thing you think of when you're considering a long and happy marriage.

Mira Showers Sponsors a Nation of Shower Lovers

According to the leading shower manufacturers Mira showers, the Brits are a nation of shower lovers. Mira Showers are a leading manufacturer of showers so it's not surprising that in 2007 Mira Showers opted to sponsor a new initiative - National Shower Week.

Showers - All Shapes and Sizes

One of the most noticeable aspects when it comes to showers is the fact that they literally come in all shapes and sizes and there are many different types of shower enclosure that can fit any type of bathroom.

Showers - Going Through the Checklist

Showers are increasingly becoming the popular choice in UK homeowner's mindsets and power showers in particular are invariably the most common choice.

The Health Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

As showers are becoming increasingly the norm in modern bathrooms, the popularity of showers is clear to see. Cold showers may not be so popular but there is evidence that cold showers have numerous health benefits.

Showers - Popularity of Walk-in Showers Soars

For those who have the requisite space in their bathrooms, walk-in showers are becoming increasingly popular due to the added sense of comfort, relaxation and style that they represent.

Types of Shower Doors

Showers are a great way to completely change the look and feel of bathrooms and it's not always necessary to buy a whole shower enclosure to achieve this effect. Changing doors on showers can be just as effective.