Inset Washbasins

When designing a bathroom, there are a few important features that stand out as the most significant, both in functionality and aesthetic appeal. The most used part of the bathroom is, undoubtedly, the washbasin and a functional, pleasing vanity is an important part of any bathroom. Like all things, vanity washbasins come in a wide variety of styles, price ranges and materials to choose from. This becomes important in the design phase to pick the right basin to match with the rest of the room while staying on budget.

There are dozens of different styles of wash basins, but they will fall into three basic categories, these being pedestal, under mount and vessel. The differences of these three basic types are readily apparent. With a pedestal basin, the basic and supporting structure is one fluid piece without any storage or cabinet built around it. Typically these basins take up very little room. An enclosed basin is set inside the vanity (we call it as an inset basin), usually a countertop surrounds the basin and cupboards, and drawers can be found beneath making this type very practical. In some cases, the basin and counter top are built of one solid piece of material. The third type has a vanity and countertop, but the basin sits on top of the counter, like a bowl. These are called counter top basins. Usually, there is a difference in material from the countertop and basin in this case, but there are exceptions


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The most common material used in basins is ceramic porcelain, but it is far from your only choice. Tempered glass basins have a translucency to them that can add a defining touch to a space. Enameled sinks come in vibrant colors to add contrast to the walls or tub. Stainless steel is usually reserved for the kitchen, but the material could be considered for a bathroom as well. Acrylic basins are chip resistant but are susceptible to heat (like iron or hot blow dryer). Each of these materials holds a merit and could be considered strong choices. Most materials will be chosen depending on price and the look. Ceramic basins are common and cheaper, and an enameled steel basin will be more expensive. The others fall in between when it comes to expense.

Inset wash basins are an important part of any bathroom. Picking the right style and material will depend on the amount of utility and fashion you wish to add to your bathroom.