At Bathrooms 365, we have a range of bath shower mixer taps, so if you have modern or traditional bathroom interior, you can find the right product to suit your individual requirement. Our collection boasts an array of options such as bath mixer with lever handles, or cross head handles. We also have faucets with multiple settings, although neither of them is expensive. Our range is backed by a good period of guarantee, which is another reason home owners prefer buying from us. Each element comes with pleasing design that also offers optimum functionality along with water-saving feature, so fitting a bath shower mixer from our online store means a clever decision.

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One of the easiest ways to transform your bathroom is simply to fit new taps. Basins and baths suddenly take on a whole new look, and your existing fittings can be updated into a style to suit the rest of your property. Of course, the trick is to buy the right product, and this is where Bathrooms 365 can help. With a huge range of products to choose from, you are sure to be able to find the perfect tap. The obvious choice for tubs is the bath shower mixer taps that functions both as bath filler and as a shower. Even in bathrooms where a separate shower enclosure is fitted, there is still an advantage in having an additional over-bath shower with a detachable showerhead.

The traditional bath shower mixer fits into the pre-formed tap holes found in most tubs and consists of a pair of taps, usually with "X" shaped handles and the shower head resting in a cradle above the taps. This general layout is common to many such models, but nowadays it is possible to get single lever operated taps or stylish end-placed ones in all kinds of styles. Of course, if the fitting of this faucet is just part of a major refurbishment, or a new-build, a completely different style of bath may be chosen, in which case a wall-mounted bath shower mixer may be preferable. Whatever your needs, we have the ideal fittings.

Can I fit it myself?

On the face of it, fitting taps does not sound too difficult. It is, after all, just a case of turning-off the water supplies and undoing a few nuts. Surely that cannot be too difficult. Well, it can be extremely difficult. Many an enthusiastic DIYer has embarked on this relatively straight forward project, only to run into all kinds of problems. The main issues are with unfastening the old fittings. Access is always difficult and old fittings can often be almost impossible to remove. So the advice is unless you are sure about your abilities, this is a job best left to the professionals.