Eucotherm is one of the leading manufacturers of radiators. The underlying principles behind their products are cutting edge technology, superior quality, fabulous design and an unremitting desire to be at the forefront of product development. The product range that includes – designer, electrical, towel and picture radiators, infrared heaters as well as radiator valves and accessories such as towel bars and rails, demonstrates their poll position in the area of innovation and design. Creativity flows into the design concepts of this brand which leads to the creation of aesthetically pleasing, modern home fixtures that also work as ornamental and practical heating pieces. Eucotherm is leagues ahead of the competition in terms of sophistication, practicality and timelessness.

Finding a radiator to suit any room in any style will not be a problem as Eucotherm has a whole range of different sizes, combinations along with a Bespoke RAL colouring system. The fresh and visually appealing picture radiators give plenty of scope to customize your radiators by adding your personal touch to the fixtures. The eco-friendly Infrared Radiators with their minimal impact on the environment provide a credible alternative to traditional heating leading to a greener environment and healthier living.

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