Energy Radiators

One of Europe’s largest manufacturers of baths and radiators, Energy, is a respectable and a well-known brand in the world. It was established in the year 1987 and is known to be Turkey’s first manufacturer of acrylic baths. The brand is also known as Sanica. The company production house is in two countries and at seven manufacturing plants, and they export products to more than 50 countries. They have production in seven groups, namely, bathrooms, spa, heat, plumbing, glass and infrastructure. The brand has the world’s largest panel radiator production capacity of 5,000,000 m. With its creative and unique production, this brand is a leader in Turkey and is a corporation of Fatinoglu Holding.

The brand believes in increasing the standard of people by offering high quality, original and economical products. Their target is to produce products keeping quality, safety, health, cost in mind, and provide services for its customers. Functionality with the minimalistic design is the belief of this brand. All their products are quality assured and come with manufacturer guarantees throughout the range. The brand also has a laboratory under the name, ‘Sanica Experimental Laboratory’ where they carry out best level of technological testing following the national and international levels benchmarks and continuously work to improve their efficiency. The company also grooves on the fact that their manufacturing plants have rigorous quality checking and testing procedures which makes all their products highly durable and functional.