The designer sanitary ware company ‘Dune’ came into being in 1993 in San Juan de Moró (Castellón), Spain, and is engaged in crafting stylish and trendy pieces that adorn ceramic walls, floor tiles, and countertops. When Dune entered the market, the transition of tile and countertop basins from hygienic and sanitary products to pieces that had ornamental value had just begun, and it seized the opportunity with both hands and has since never looked back. Today, Dune is one company that leaves you spoilt for choice with its varied range of Countertop basins, offering unique pieces that are outstanding in their own right but can also be easily combined with other items in the collection. The materials that go into the making of Dune mosaics are glass, ceramic, and stone, and it is a brand preferred by most customers.

Dune has always focused on the bigger picture and has been quick to anticipate global demands and trends, made possible due to its wide international network of 11 branches and over 8000 satisfied customers spanning the globe, spread across Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Spain, France, Mexico, Portugal, UK, USA Florida and California USA.

The company’s fortunes have been built upon its brand name ‘Dune’ and that has proved to be its greatest asset. At the very outset, it has established itself as a trendsetter in design and innovation, a benchmark against which other companies have tried to develop their portfolio. ‘Dune’ is the name that is on the lips of buyers across the world as the preferred brand for lifestyle products.

In pursuit of its mission to offer unique products that create original spaces, Dune offers a large variety of attractive pieces, an array of colours and a number of different sizes. With this diverse range and a surfeit of options in which it uses the best of ceramics, glass, and stone, it gives the customer plenty of opportunity to customize their living space by adding a unique and novel aspect to it.