Dekostock is a brand that has emerged from the Dune stable and has introduced an exciting new range that is sure to delight and thrill the customers. Novelty pieces made of stone, ceramic and glass fashioned in the Dune style is the mainstay of Dekostock. Its products are manufactured using cutting edge technology and modern materials that take into consideration global demands for chic and stylish products, across different demographics.

Now you can update your d├ęcor and give your bathroom a facelift with these pieces that have a striking presence and a flawless finish. Dekostock products encourage you to be a little adventurous and adopt a bold new style for a luxurious look. If you are looking for countertop basins that are not just utilitarian but also make a great impression in the aesthetics department, then you need to look no further than Dekostock as it has a fabulous range of basins that are simply breathtaking. Combining brilliant design with superior craftsmanship, these basins are things of beauty that will give you joy forever.