Steel Bath or Acrylic Baths? Which is the most viable option?

Steel Bath or Acrylic Baths

There is no doubt that a warm hot bath is a perfect way to kick-start your day or rewind yourself after a heavy work day. But with so many bath choices available in today’s market, picking the best one can be a confusing affair. After all, you cannot just pick any bath based on their cost alone.

Each and every baths has its own pros and cons. To make it easy for you, we at Bathrooms 365 have compiled a guide to help you choose the best baths among steel and acrylic, as these two are found in abundance.

Read on to know the better choice between these two.

Let’s talk about the strength

Steel Bath or Acrylic Baths

Many people are under the impression that steel is stronger than acrylic. But, contrary to the popular belief, both steel and acrylic baths both are equally strong. Unless you are a Hercules, you won’t easily notice the difference between the two. With modern manufacturing techniques, acrylic bath is reinforced with a wooden or steel support frame, making it just as tough, sturdy and scratch resistant as steel bath. Still, cheap steel baths can easily be damaged.

We won’t be exaggerating when we say, that acrylic baths will not even chip off a little even if you drop something heavy on it.

What about the touch?

Steel Bath or Acrylic Baths

Talking about steel baths, they are cold to touch. However, they warm up at an instant once filled with hot water. Although, keep in mind that the part of baths which are not touching the hot water will still be cold which makes it not so good choice to enjoy warm, hot shower on chilly days. That said, unlike steel baths, acrylic baths are comparatively warm to touch, ensuring you get a pleasant feeling when you get into your bath on those freezing days.

In short, if you hate the initial chill of your baths, then acrylic is the perfect choice for you.

Now the designer quotient

Steel Bath or Acrylic Baths

Steel, a traditional material, when pressed into shape, can be formed into clean, sharper and flatter lines. On the other hand, acrylic baths are more flexible than steel and can be moulded into a desired shape. Also, acrylic offers a wide range of different style, shape and size that can easily blend into the existing style of your bathroom suite.

Acrylic is the material for you if you want find the exact bath that meets your home’s requirements.

How about the maintenance

Steel Bath or Acrylic Baths

Both acrylic and steel are non-porus material and are good at preventing mould growth and bacteria. Acrylic is made by burning fossil fuels, super-easy to clean and all its scratches can be easily polished out giving it a new life. Steel, in contrast is 100% recyclable, making it environment friendly. Also, steel baths are chemical resistant and coated with enamel but are less resistant to scratches than acrylic.

So, if taking care of environment is your top most priority, then steel is your best deal.

Not to forget the durability

Steel Bath or Acrylic Baths

Although, steel baths have a beautiful enamel coating, it requires more care than acrylic baths. The enamel element in steel baths is more prone to chipping from things getting dropped on. But if you are a careful owner, then steel baths are good to go with proper care. Acrylic baths are highly resistant to damage, as we have previously mentioned and are ideal for rigorous daily usage in family bathrooms. Impossible to damage and easy to repair- these words define acrylic baths.

Simply put, if it is a competition, acrylic baths would win the durable title, making it perfect for life time investment.

Who said weight and size doesn’t matter?

Acrylic is lighter than steel, meaning it can be easily positioned anywhere in your bathroom space. Steel bathtubs on the contrary are heavier than acrylic. So, you need to put in account the weight of the tub and the bathroom floor strength before installation.

Is the price right?

Comparatively, acrylic baths typically cost less than steel baths, meaning they will not burn a hole in your pocket. Acrylic baths are the suitable option if you are are looking to revamp your bathroom space but on a budget.

Do not get confused by Cast iron baths

Cast iron baths

Now, let’s talk about the most old and commonly found baths – Cast iron bath. As the name suggests, cast iron bath has a molded iron base. Being a recyclable material, you will find cast iron baths containing as much as 80% recyclable material. That’s a great deal if you are an environment lover. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, cast iron baths are suitable for bigger bathrooms. Although a bit on the heavier side, cast iron baths need a well-built home floor, otherwise the tiles will crack. Also, the cast iron baths trap in heat and will help you enjoy long hot showers. Require less maintenance and are highly durable, these baths will be there for you in the long run. Talking about the price, it can be comparatively costlier than other baths. While there is not any exact alternative for cast iron baths, a steel bath can be a cheaper and viable option if you like the enameled look.

What is our verdict?

Seeing the comparison, it is quite visible that acrylic baths are a better choice than steel baths. However, whichever material takes your fancy; you will find the best quality products in a wide range at our website, Bathrooms 365.