The Emergence of the Wet Room

Homeowners are always looking for ways to create a unique slant on the homes and bathrooms are often the best place to start. Many homeowners are turning their bathrooms into wet rooms to revolutionise the space. Wet rooms are becoming an increasingly popular choice for bathrooms, and more and more homeowners are looking into the logistics of transforming bathrooms into sleek and stylish looking wet rooms.

Wet rooms are luxury style bathrooms which is transformed into a shower area in its entirety. Wetroom, therefore, doesn’t need an enclosure but may utilize 1 or many glass screens. These are proving a popular choice amongst homeowners looking for a contemporary and eye-catching design throughout their homes. Bathrooms are no longer acceptable as a functional room, with the emphasis increasingly being placed on being aesthetically pleasing and providing a retreat from the stresses and strains of day to day life; a goal which wet rooms admirably achieve.

Bathrooms - How the Wet Room Works

Bathrooms are easily turned into wet rooms through a few simple changes that can rejuvenate the room in the design stakes. A wet room is one that has an open shower area that flows into the rest of the room and this makes them suitable for small or large bathrooms as the open plan nature of them will be successful in creating a substantial sense of space. For those looking to revolutionize their bathrooms, the following wet room points are important to bear in mind:

- When turning bathrooms in wet rooms, it is crucial to make the whole room watertight beforehand to avoid any problems later. Making bathrooms watertight is called 'tanking' and it is something that will need to be done by a professional.

- Ventilation is, of course, important in all types of bathrooms but it is particularly important when it comes to wet rooms as they obviously attract more moisture. Many people who turn bathrooms into wet rooms will install underfloor heating as well to help with the drying out of the room.

- Turning bathrooms into wet rooms is a large undertaking and, in most cases, floors will need to be raised by as much as 5cm to accommodate the additional waste fittings that will be required.

Here’s why Wetrooms are a great make a great choice.

Seamless Movement

Wetrooms are especially favorable with those with limited mobility issues such as the wheelchair bound. As the need for a shower tray is eliminated in a wetroom format, the accessibility becomes quite easy.

Updates the value of your property

When installing a wetroom, you are making the entire space watertight. Such a space is generally easily prone to leaks and dampness, so this instantly improves the overall structure of the home. Once this is done, damp walls are a thing of the past as water drains out from a specially constructed central drain and doesn’t run into other parts of the home. Once such property is up for sale, it can potentially attract more buyers and fetch a better price.

Optimises space use

Wetrooms are an excellent choice for those bathrooms with space constraints. It can present an open free space that can function without a bath and work just as well with a shower set up. Enclosures are also eliminated by further adding to the airy feel.

Maintenance is a breeze

It is simple and easy to keep this area clean as there are not many fixtures or obstructions within the area. Everyday cleaners work just as well and don’t cost the earth.


Minimalist and stylish, this design appeals to the modern homeowners. Those looking for some unique features can use their creativity at will using a whole lot of materials for doing up the décor.